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1942 October Indian Summer

Oct 5, 1942

Dear Annilea:

This my Darling is being written with me lying flat on my stomach on the lawn in the sun. Well My Sweet!

“D” Company is the proud possessor of the pennant representing the best Company in the Brigade & maybe we’re not proud about the whole affair. The OC is so tickled about the whole affair that he has granted the whole Company a 24 hr leave, Tuesday (tomorrow), & maybe the boys in the other company’s aren’t jealous.

For a change the last four days have been glorious, just like our Indian summer over home. For a while it looked as though Winter were going to set in already, but right now its really hot & the first time I’ve really relaxed for a long time at full length outside. Only hope this holds out for if it does, it is my intention to have a game of golf to-morrow.

The boys really deserve it because they really put there heart & soul into the training in the last couple of weeks. Nothing much else for me to ramble on about as far as news is concerned. So sorry my writing & spelling is so terrible Darling, but I’m very much afraid that you’ll have to put up with it until I get home. That is, unless you’d rather that I gave it up as a bad job & didn’t write anymore?

Went to a big dance Saturday night, 45 nurses & all the elite around the country side plus all the officers of our Brigade. Had a nice time, saw some lovely looking girls wearing their best evening dresses. After seeing all this, you’re picture is still tops to anything I’ve seen in this country & I’m still convinced that the wife I have in Canada is still the most adorable & lovable girl in the world.

I often lie awake at night & wonder how it is that I should get the marvelous you for a wife. Your charm & beauty is only to be exceeded by your thoughtfulness, so please, please never let me down.

I love you so,


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