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1943 April, A Postcard

Dear Annilea:

Another beautiful day well on its way & the heat for this time of year is certainly tense, but we can stand it all, and ask for more. Now that we are standing still for a short while at least, I am beginning to realize just how much I really miss & how much I desire you in every manner, shape & form. Thinking or having time to think is bad business in my case, because I begin to realize not only what a beautiful & adorable darling I have over in Canada but that she is still a mere child. Twenty-one, my sweetheart, and you have been courted, had a year of married life, a child, been separated from your husband for over a year now & keeping house & teaching school at the same time. Poor Nora writes & says that at least they have a three room apartment but of course nothing like the small bungalow we had in Aldershot. I think she was quite stricken by it & will never be quite content until she gets a house like it for herself, although by the sound of her letters she seemed quite happy (Why shouldn’t she be with Chuck).

What wouldn’t I give to be able to live over again those happy days spent with you in Kentville. Oh to have you safely in my arms again, to feel the soft caress of your hair, the touch of your lips, the feel of your arms around me, the thrill of your lovely body so firm & close to mine. What memories, sweet memories I have to hold, but until those memories come true again I will be ever lonely for the only thing in life that matters.

My Darling Wife,


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