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1943, December, health problems

Dec 26, 1943

Hello Sweetheart:

The day after Christmas & your beloved husband, although not in the very best of health, has certainly nothing very serious wrong with him. Arrived with Unit Christmas Eve, had Christmas Dinner at 11.00 O’Clock & moved off for the front that afternoon. Incidentally. Although we had turkey & roast pork I didn’t enjoy it very much. From 5 in the morning until 1.30 I was in constant pain from nothing more or less than hemorides (piles). Two doctors wanted to evacuate me that morning, but our own unit doctor made up some stuff that finally relieved me. However, I broke out in hives, which didn’t help any. Had a talk with C.O. last night & wanted to stay as I was feeling OK by then. He gave me until this morning to make sure & this morning they came right back on me the moment my bowels moved. Hence both doctor & C.O. advised rest & care of same before coming back so yours truly is on his way back through the lines, for at least a month or so, after working for 4 years to get up there. It’s a funny world sweetheart, but I know deep down in your heart you’ll be tickled to death to know I’m there for a while & safe.

Darling! You may have seem pictures & heard of the mud & rain over here, but that doesn’t half tell the story. The mud is definitely indescribable & its rained every day since I came over here. One thing about it, we’re out of the mountains now & although its damp it doesn’t get very cold. Its surprising the morale of everybody. For what mad weather etc you hear very little growling & the men here gotten so used to things that they do things without being told twice. A good bunch of lads & ready to do anything as long as the leadership is good & in our regiment all the officers are liked.

Had one real thrill after being placed in platoon ‘C’ Coy under Major Gordie McNeil again, of having 7 men in one morning coming to me & asking if they could be transferred to my platoon. I am certainly not high hatted, but it did me a world of good to think that a few men thought that much of my leadership & judgement. Gordon Rourkie (Shirley Crosby’s husband) went back wounded again, not serious, but Al Rogers is still going a storm. The youngest DeBlois kid from town is also there. Father Butts, RC Padre, was in for dinner Christmas & held Mass. Knew him in England & he’s worshiped by man & officers alike.

Well Sweet, I’m about to push off again. With you both in heart & spirit Adorable,

Love Forever,


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