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1943 Feb, Weapon training in Dorking

Sunday, 7th, 1943

Dear Annilea:

For the first time in weeks I am sitting, on duty of course as Orderly Officer, but actually sitting & at rest with the world. England in Spring time is certainly a beautiful spot & the one & only reason that I’m glad to be over here & missing all that nice cold weather that you’re having back in Canada. I started this letter at 0800 hrs & its now 1240 hrs. No doubt about it the Army certainly has its humorous points. Just when you believe you can relax is just the moment you do the opposite. Had a binding(?) game of 45’s last night, six hander, with some of the other officers, first time I’ve played in years & I never laughed so much for a long while. The whole bunch acted like a bunch of school kids at a Sunday school picnic.

Really sweetheart! I wonder if you can read between the lines & guess just exactly what I’d love to say to you. For instance I’d just love to tell you where I am at the moment & especially to describe it to you, also I love to tell you everything that has happened to me in the last six weeks. Remind me to tell you sometime when I get back & you’ve run out of words after bawling me out for writing so seldom. Darling. I assure you its not because I don’t want to or that you have lost the least bit of attraction. Come in dead tired at night, or be on the move, one place one night, somewhere else the next, a Platoon of 40 odd men to look after, & how they need to be led by the hand, together with the restless nature you begin to develop, finding it hard to sit still for a moment & you begin to get just what your husband means.

What I wouldn’t give to be home again with my two beautiful darlings, to come home each evening & have the comforts which only a home with ones wife can give, especially a wife as adorable, lovely & good natured as you are. What heaven my sweet when you used to be close in my arms & to actually feel that you actually like being there, that you used to take a great kick out of doing things, big or large, for me just so long as it seemed to be something to further my comforture. Surely, my darling, you must realize by this time that no matter where I am or what I am doing that you are foremost in my mind, thoughts & idea’s of life. Everything, my sweet, that I do until death parts us, is done for you. My life, our lives, are bound together in an unseparatable pact; links of love which are stronger than any ties that human hand can forge or make.

To me you are the ideal of life, the one thing I love, cherish & adore. You are, my Goddess, in whom I have all my faith & trust bound up in one, the one person in the world to whom I look to guidance from. Don’t fail or falter for my trust is in you.

Blissful Love,



March 20, 1943

Dear Annilea:

If you could only possibly realize just how much I miss you & how much I’d give to have you here. Right now I’m so blasted lonely I’m like a girl & feel that to have somebody’s shoulder to put my head upon & cry would be the best thing in the world, but if I ever did there is only one shoulder that I would want it to happen upon & thats that soft white delicate shoulder belonging to my wife, the most lovable & adorable girl in the world. To ever have the thought that any other man should ever look sideways at you or touch those beautiful hands of yours is enough to make my heart sink into my boots, so that you can see how easily a man can murder at the very thought that his wife might be kissing somebody else. My adorable sweetheart! God willing that we three shall in the very near future get together again, to live again the life of peace & contentment that we were both so much enjoying before we parted. I bless the day, sweet, that Barbara came into being because I do so believe that we came to understand each other so much better & that through her we have a common bond in life, something which is binding us that much closer together, something that will hold us forever.

Not that we’ll ever need this darling as you are the girl, my wife, whom I left at home, whom I adore, look up to for guidance, worship & God help us both sweet, if ever your love should wain. Secondly, I do believe that Barbara does give you something to do, something to remember me by, something that when you touch or look at her, you have that feeling that she’s part of me & so it brings you just that much closer to me. How I’d love to be there to see her growing up from a baby in arms, crawling about & finally walking about on her own two feet. How proud I am to know that she’s home there with her adorable mother to look after her & bring her up, but how much happier I would be to be able that happiness & contentment that being with you both & sharing life, would give to me. Just the thoughts, that the quicker the days go the quicker we shall be together again gives me a great thrill in itself. Yes my love, you are certainly always with me in whatever I do & I do hope that you are not finding life to slow at home, but that Barbara fills in, in life, a great space in my place. My soft & lovable darling, it’s good-nite & sweet dreams to my beloved adored.

Everything in thine,



April 6, 1943


You complain so bitterly about my letters not reaching you, I will try a few Air Graphs for a chance & see if they work better . Miss you & Barbara more every day & long for the day we’ll be together again. My adorable wife will always bye my life. Love,


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