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1943 July, The invasion has begun

July 10, 1943

My Darling:

Enclosed you will find a small stone which, although late as a Birthday Present, I am sure you will like. I have looked at Diamonds, Emeralds, in fact, every stone under Heaven & this is the only thing that ever really hit me. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had had to spend 6 months pay for it, I saw it & wanted it for you. No use in me trying to get a chain for it over here, I just couldn’t. Every light that hits it seems to bring out a different color. How I’d love to be with you when you wear it, how I’d love to be with you anyway.

Well, the invasion has at last begun, English, American & Canadian troops. I’ll tell you a story about that sometime. Six officers & 583 men in Coy (company) at the moment. Would you think that I am busy? Slept under the stars last night. Thinking of you always & longing for you.

Your Loving Husband,


June 17, 1943


Well! I had my game of golf today and missed out by 1 stroke qualifying for the Canadian Championships. Ho Hum such is life, but then Sweet its good to be alive & although it was a great disappointment to me, especially after being so close, its a case of a quick smile & forget about it. Left at 1230 for course. At 5 to 12 I received word that we were due to be on the Seaside range that afternoon & as tg officer I had to high tail it back to the office & put everything in running order before I left. I do wish you had been with me on that trip over. I never saw so many roads & twists in such a short space in my life. I just sat with a map propped up on my knees directing the driver to this turn & that. Missed all the scenery & it really was beautiful & as I’ve so often told you that its beyond my scope to even begin to describe the shaded lanes & beautiful landscape. So it’s cheers to my darling: at home & God keep you safe.



July 18, 1943


This is Sunday Darling, but confusion still reigns, although the smoke & fog have lifted a great deal in the last 48 hours. Absolutely done out, Sweet, I hope to get some real sleep to-night, been just too tired to sleep the last few days, but they actually gave us an addition of a few officers to-day so at last we will be able to breath a little easier. Maybe this seems a bit tangled to you but perhaps tomorrow my head will be clear a bit & I’ll be able to think straight once more.

My Darling! How simple all this would be if you were only here to sooth me over at night. At the moment, I think of the time you & I had our first swim to-gether near Dol’s, do you remember? What real fun we used to have then, neither of us, I don’t believe, realizing just how much or what would come out of it. That we could & will live those glorious days over again. But why talk of the past, its the future we want, & what a future we want to build on. A small compact house, with a moderate size lawn in front, I’ll have to be made to cut the grass since I’m lazy, and have nothing to complain about, with a sizable garden in the rear. Get your hand in Sweet, because you’ll likely have to teach me all over again.

Work? Yes, I’ll have to work at something to keep us all going, but then, that shouldn’t be very hard with you there to start me off in the morning. A quick cheery lunch at noon & that lovely welcome I’ll receive when I’ll come home at night after the days work is finished. How simple this all seems Sweet, & yet, as I dream of these things I really can’t see it any other way. Perhaps, after all, this war won’t last too much longer.

Faith & Hope Darling is all we need & that shouldn’t be very hard for you & I. So my beautiful & beloved wife, its to us, our hopes & our dreams, may they be built on strong foundations.

Everlasting Love,


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