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1943 May, Promotions only come through the field

April 17, 1943

Hello My Love:

Another day’s work & really felt good & tired by supper time. Imagine our surprise as we were finishing to hear Bag-pipes marching up & down the square. You certainly didn’t have to post a notice anywhere to advertise a concert. Inside 15 minutes there were over 3000 men crowded around with 100’s more leaning out of windows in view. This is the only pipe band that 98% of us have seen in this country; didn’t even know there were any bands down here. What a kick the boys really got out of it. Stan, Jones & I then came into town to a show called “Big Street”, but after about 20 minutes of it I packed up & left, had seen it before twice. Walked down as far as the club & so here I am writing to you.

We have a 4 piece band (2 violins and 1 bass & piano) & at the moment they are playing my favourite “Ava Maria”. There are quite a number in around, including two nurses which are sitting in the next room having a drink.

June 12, 1943


This is being written to a lot of Jazz music the piece playing now being “When I am alone, I’m thinking of you!” How true that really is even when I’m not alone, & as training officer I keep the rest busy, much as they hate it; but the busy’er they are keeps me just that much busy’er to keep up to them & boy that’s the only way to keep from being home sick & entirely fed up. Over this weekend we lost Company Cmdr, 2 1/c & records officer, a new C. Cmdr, who doesn’t know his way around & won’t for a week at least & so yours truly acts as the whole lot put together. Promotion can only come through the field so its just up to yourself whether you work hard here or not & I prefer to work as they all know.

Darling! I have to fight like hell that old weakness of mine & that is, putting off until tomorrow what I should do today. The last 2 weeks I’ve carried a book around with me & jotted down everything as it comes & seen to it that the book was clean before I quit for the day. Last Sunday I played golf & today I played also, Charlie, Ken & a chap named Ross. A lot of fun & the only time out of camp in the 2 weeks. And now I’m starting another fight again & that is to write you every night however small. I start tonight. So love till tomorrow,

PS, just to hold you just once!


June 3, 1943

Dear Annilea:

This card is inclined to be the least bit to colorful, especially during these times, but it really is just the same as always, quaint, old, & peaceful. In the background is the old town clock that wakes me every morning & chimes every quarter hour. Wish you were here.

Love Ever,


June 21, 1943

Dear Annilea:

As you can see by the heading Sweetheart I am now in Brighton & as I write this I have just come back from a stroll up town & am sitting in the drawing room (What English!) When I got up it was rainy & blowing to beat H. but now the sun has come out, the wind has died down, & the clouds are disappearing rapidly so that before long there should be nothing but blue sky overhead.

Still hard to believe my good fortune of s few days off, but it should be a good rest & I hope to improve my knowledge of the country. Went toa dance last night after arriving & had a very enjoyable time. To even picture a war time dance to you is hard, but imagine Summerside High School’s dance floor 3 times the size, tables & chairs three to five in depth all round, the tables all filled (Ticket office open at 630, dance starts at 7 & tickets all sold at 710) you can gather a small amount what it may be like. 3 times the number of women as men, & a big percentage on leave like myself. I personally dance only with wrens, VADs or Fire Department girls. All these services have blue uniforms & the girls as a whole are a much better class of girl. Closes at 10 & by 10.30 streets are practically empty. Came back to the hotel & got into a game of bridge with a U.S. Officer & a young married couple until 12.45 then retired. Wish to God you were here to enjoy this with me,

Love Ever,


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