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1944, August. A letter from Annalea


Lieut. Arnold D Taylor

1st Div. WNSR


26 Queen St. Dartmouth

August 7, 1944

My dear Arnold,

You see I am on the last lap home and yew can’t possibly imagine what a headache your poor wife has right now. Went up to Kentville Saturday morning and down here this morning, Saturday evening I spent with Ray and Connie Cunningham and I really loved hearing about you, and them. Ray said you were looking and acting exactly the same as when you were here, it was so wonderful to hear all about the country down there and what you do- I’m afraid I was a walking question box. We took a walk up around our little house, it looks exactly the same, but I’m sure there will never be a happier pair in it than you and I.

Sunday I invited Freida and Reg and George and Jean Gillis, they all send their very best wishes to you and hope it won’t be long before you are home. Everyone is so sure the war is nearly over- I try not to plan too much until the day I am in your arms.

George & Jean have a dear little girl, Barbara Marie, but I think our Barbara holds a very fair chance with any of the other kiddies I saw- maybe she is more (unreadable) than (unreadable), Freida surely uses the heavy hand on her kids.

Doesn’t Ray look much older, Arnold? It gave me quite a shock at first- I’m quite prepared to find you looking older too dear, there can’t help being changes on both our parts.

Nora will soon be coming home, and I must change my dress. By for now sweetheart- tomorrow night I’ll see Barbara again- and I’m going to love nagging her again. Let’s pray we may soon all be together. My love for you always.

As ever,



Aug 7, 1944

Hello My beautiful love:

By the time you get this you’ll likely be preparing for another trip to Kensington, at least I hope so, because they do enjoy your visits so & from the sound of yours you seem to also. Yes, sweetheart! I really did enjoy your picture no end & it certainly bought both of you very much closer to me. Hard to believe that way back in Canada, two lovely girls rely fully on their future welfare on the doings of a man so far & so long away from them. Before very long a wee small girl is going to be so grown up as to be asking questions about her Daddy, where he is & when he’ll be back again. Well, you can assure her that he will be home again soon & that when he does it will be to stay for good. You can also tell her that her Daddy thinks of her continually & that he also prays for her every night. Twice I have sent presents to you both & once more I sent just lately, from Rome, a number of things, more especially a doll with dresses to wear. Have you not received this either? Looks almost as if I’ll have to mail a box & then post myself & see where I end up at.

Just finished some of the most beautiful pears & peaches you ever saw & really ripe. Tomatoes are also plentiful & corn, so we at least don’t starve. People are very well dressed the farther north you go & conditions not nearly so bad as in the south. My back at present is against an olive tree, very much like a cherry tree at home. Your parcel’s have arrived OK & I thank you from the bottom of my heart. Someday, sweet, I shall repay you a thousand fold for the things you do for me now. I intend to have a thousand dollars saved by the time I get back, can you, or better? There’s your (unreadable).

My thoughts & prayers are with you more than ever. Devoted love,


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