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1944, August, they reach the Foglia River

Aug 29, 1944

My Sweetheart:

Here’s a line, a very quick line to let you know that hubby is O.K. & a going concern. Heat intense, but nights are cooler & so sleep is possible. So Ray got married & still expects to be a minister. He’s going to take some Razzing when Stan & I get back & I don’t mean maybe. Glad you got a short trip in, Darling, & going back to Kentville must have made you very lonesome. Never mind, Love, this damn war can’t keep on forever & just as soon as possible we’ll be together again & have no doubt in the world what kind of a meeting it will be. A big kiss & a hug, a bright smile & life will travel along in Heaven again. My Love is all Yours & Barbara’s, & so are my prayers. Be good & Cheerful & patient.

Devoted Love,


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