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1944, from Crapaud to Perugia

Crapaud, August 16

Arnold darling,

This is the second big day of Old Home Week, and tonight I’m keeping Jackie so Buddie & Ralph can attend. Tomorrow there are doing the same for me- if it’s as hot as it has been this past few days I’m going to wish I had stayed home, it was over ninety again today, if you please. I don’t know how you even stand it in Italy, it must be terribly depressing.

Since the new landings in Southern France, and having no mail from you recently, am I too presumptuous in putting two and two together? I hope so, but one must have something to worry about in the middle of the night. One thing I’m going to stop worrying about tho’, is our future- after Mackenzie King’s speech tonight it really seems as if you men are going to be treated fairly this time as far as rehabilitation is concerned. If the speech is published tomorrow I’ll be sure to send it on to you, and you will understand how it lifted some of the weight off my mind.

The way the war is going now it certainly looks as if your Oct 1st Deadline is alright, and I’ve anticipated our first minutes so many times there is just a possibility it may be stale before the real show is ready. Suppose?

Now a bit later- pen went dry so it had to be kept over. Went to town yesterday and had a fall coat put away, its dark (ripephery?), fitted, with a velvet collar, very plain, but looks better than it cost, thirty dollars. I may not take it- wish you were here to pass judgment, I really do. Saw Pat Allen flipping about last night with an air officer. She looked cute as tricks, any misgivings? Must mail this before supper. Darn it Arnold, I’ve had just enough of being a grass widow, if we are just half as happy when you come home as I think we are going to be, we are going to have an ideal marriage. Barbara is such a dear good kid when she feels well. She’ll be a great asset.

Wherever you are Darling, my love goes with you always.



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