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1944, July near Foligno

27 July, 1944

Dear Annilea:

Tonight I am seated in a field with a tree as a back stop & the heat is still terrific. Time is 7 O’Clock & its just as hot here as it would be at noon at home. Temperature for last 3 weeks has ranged from 80 to 112 in the shade, during the day & usually is so humid at night that to walk 50 yards is but to raise a sweat. At between 4.30 & 5.00 in the morning it cools off to about 65 degrees but by 8 O’Clock she really starts to warm up again. You know how I always hated heat at home so you can imagine how I’m enjoying it out here. No complaints, sweet, just facts.

Well Darling! By the time you receive this, things may be different, but at the moment there is no doubt that news is good, in fact, very good. Let’s sincerely hope that it continues. The Canadians in France certainly seem to be doing their part, just as the Canadians in Italy & that’s the way it should be. Funny though that we have this heat while up there they have had nothing but adverse weather & rain. Right now is the time to really pound in there & get things done while Gerry is being a bit disorganized at home. That Germany will crack & break immediately is still quite a bit to hope for & a bit of wishful thinking but I still stand on what I said before & that is that Germany will be finished by the middle of October. Was I far out on my guess of the occupation of Rome? Russia is surely doing her part & at the rate she’s traveling Mr. Hitler must be shivering in his shoes, at least, let’s hope so.

Your two parcels certainly came at a very appropriate time & I don’t have to begin to thank you, you know without that, that I love you darling & everything you send just adds to it. Your picture is still to everything & will remain so until I return to the real thing. We have been working hard of late & with heat, forgive my missing out a few times of late in writing. That doesn’t excuse you in the least, quite the opposite. Hell sweet! That’s the second bracelet I’ve sent you that you haven’t received. OK, I’m sending something else to-day & I know full well you’ll like it. These things are expensive & therefore I can’t keep buying them just to see them go astray. Your love fills my heart & I can ask nothing more but a quick return to your loving arms. Stay lovely & true, my adorable sweetheart.

Forever yours,


18 July, 1944

My sweetheart:

I’ve just come back from a couple of days by the shore & it was perfect. The North Shore at home is the duplicate, only that the sand got so hot around noon that it was about impossible to trod on it at all. I even took a midnight swim. Water polo was the order of the day. Talk about rough. It was about as much as your life was worth to hold on to the ball anymore than a few seconds as two or three would drag you down under for sure. Between us we certainly took a lot of salt out of the sea as its the first time most of us have had a swim in salt water since leaving England. This was all nude, darling, no place for respectable married women, & we sure put on a real show. Our backs tell the tale & I’m sure a number of officers are going to find it a bit difficult wearing equipment for a few days. Even the padre joined our throng & proved that he could not only take it, but dish it out also. We also had a couple of ball games with everybody pitching with the opposite hand & batting on the opposite side of the plate. It really was a scream & enjoyed to the fullest extent.

This is kind of hard, but nevertheless the truth. Major Rogers is in hospital with a dislocated knee cap & torn ligaments. Likely to be in hospital for some time, & most likely will never get back to the regiment. I certainly will miss him greatly. Well ! Stan Smith, the Capt I used to room with when at 1CBRD is now here, not in my Coy, but still he & I should have some good times together. Tonight I am looking after Bn soft-ball & volley-team against one of the other Bn, We lost last time. We must collect tonight.

Health good except for the blasted hives, sweetheart. You’ll have to feed me real food when I get back. Suppose you’ll have seen lots of shore by time you get this, also be up with Mother & Dad. All love & thoughts of you,

Forever Yours,


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