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1944 March, 48 letters arrive at once

March 6, 1944

1 CBRD, Cdn Army, WNSR, CMF

My Darling:

IT actually looks as if it might clear up a bit today & Lord only knows we could stand it. Went to two shows yesterday, one, “Boom Town” with Spencer Tracy & Clark Gable & the other was light opera. Put on by “the San Carlo Opera Company” it consisted of 6o musicians playing parts by Verdi, Shubert, Wagner & Mendelsson. There were two singers, Egidio Genise(?) (Tenor) singing “The girl from the West”(?) & Amalia Remi (Soprano) sang “Barber of Seville”. She at least took the boys fancy & thy refused to let the show go on until she had sung the piece over again much to the conductor’s disgust as he is supposed to be the best in Italy (Franco Patane) while the Soprano, although good, was just part of the show.

Next Sunday they are playing Madame Butterfly, so that if I’m still here I shall certainly go & see it as I understand it is very good. One of the boys just challenged me to a game of cribbage, so here goes. Best to practice up Sweet because I am not bad at all at it. You do know how to play the game, don’t you?

How is that little girl of ours Darling, does she behave herself or not?

I have to take her in hand the same as my wife when I get back. Hold me close in your dreams My Love, for we’re not so far apart.

Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx my love, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Note To Reader: postcard, mother with praying daughter while background shows green tinted imaginary battle with tanks, artillery, planes and ships.

March 8, 1944

My Glorious Darling:

Today I received 4 letters no less from my lovely wife & I’ve been walking around on air ever since. I went to town today to a show & dinner at club so it’s late now. To-morrow morning I’ll write you a sweet & loving letter even if letters can’t possibly tell you the things that I’d like to be able to do to you if you were held close in my arms. God Bless You Both & grant that before too long we will be together forever.

All My Love & Kisses,


About March 15.


Cdn Army, CMF

My Adorable Sweetheart:

I have at last gotten my glasses back (broke them a week Saturday & have been all over the country trying to get them fixed) & I sure have to make up for it now. Received 44 letters in one batch dating all the way from July 3, 1943 to Feb 8, 1944. Fifteen letters from you, sweet, & boy how my morale has risen.

First Sweetheart! Did you ever receive my parcel from England. Mailed it Oct 25th. Or the basket mailed from North Africa? Another parcel should also reach you about same time as this letter. A real story & experience I have to tell you when I get back & I can assure you, that after it, I shall never again murmur when the soft white snow flakes light upon my shoulders.

Darling, write at any moment or any place when you have the time, no matter what, for your words on paper are like soft music in my ears & your love reassured to me over & over again is all I ask for, making life just that much more bearable.

Breaking my glasses Saturday as I was coming back to camp, I left Monday morning for kit stores to get my extra pair only to find that my big pack, in which they were contained, was missing, hence I was out of luck. Next day I drove 70 miles to 15th(?) General Hospital thinking I would get a new pair made in a few hours. Imagine my disappointment at discovering that the glass repair unit had moved the week before. That meant a wait of 2 weeks, but I had my eyes tested & was told to return Thursday for a further test. Returning, I took my glasses, the broken ones, to an Italian in town who said he’d have them Saturday for me. Left that afternoon (Wed) for Hospital & stayed over night, being re-tested & arriving back that evening.

Incidentally, Tuesday I saw the Opera Madame Butterfly, played by the San Carlo Opera House players. This company is world famous & although it was much of a blur, I enjoyed it immensely. Saturday arrived, but I found that, although he had gotten the glass, he hadn’t put it in. Hence I went back Monday & it still had to be ground. Thank heaven I got them at last for I feel rotten without them.

Would you like me to bring you home an Orange & Lemon tree? Wish I could, they look so beautiful & the oranges are really luscious.

Mailing your wedding anniversary present to-day. I do so hope you receive it ok & that you like it.

Leaving to-morrow for 1 CBRD & expect to be there for a couple of months. Oh, to be able to take you & Barbara in my arms at this moment & hold you both so tight. A soft kiss to both & may you both be bright & happy.

Love forever,


March 25, 1944

1 CBRD, WNSR, Cdn Army, CMF

My darling:

Is it so long ago that you can possibly forget what joy it was when I could hold you thus & look into your starry eyes & know that the love that shone there was created by your love for me & me alone. I am very busy on court-martials right now, with over 4 hrs copying to do tonight, so you’ll have to wait until to-morrow for a letter. However, my love is with you, my thoughts are for you & my very soul belongs to you. A big kiss for you both, & may your days be bright & happy until I am there to make you happier still. God bless you,


March 31, 1944

1 CBRD, Cdn Army, CMF

My Darling:

How lovely are the thoughts & dreams of days when you & I were wandering through a life of sweet love & bliss. Someday soon we shall meet again, my adorable darling, we three together & until then you stand as a beautiful flower with fragrance sweet, only waiting for the right person to come along & pluck you.

After being Orderly Officer last night, I arrived late for breakfast, washed & shaved, moved my bed & kit into the room with Lt. Jones, Capt Moore & Stan Smith. Ray has moved to another camp close by.

April 1

It’s late now & all my good intentions about writing letters today were washed away, when, after doing usual duties all morning, while seated at dinner, Major John Cameron, another Major & Capt Viedman arrived in from the end of a 7 day leave, on the way back to the unit. They aren’t leaving until early to-morrow morning, or I should say this morning, so with them here as guests & Capt Smith& I the only ones to entertain them, you can well imagine how much time I’d have to myself to write letters. Of course, we did nothing but ply them with questions as to what was going on in the unit & what they thought the unit might be doing in the near future. It really was good to be able to talk over old times of when we were in England. I wonder if you ever heard of a boy from Summerside called Charlie Deighn? Used to play a lot of Junior hockey. He just left yesterday for fairer fields afar. I tried to find out if Loydd MacPherson was up there, but I couldn’t be sure of it. What a really funny world it is when you come to think of all the old friends meeting thousands of miles away from their home land.

Did I tell you I was under treatment again? Excused from all parades & my job will be chief censor & a few administrative duties for two or three weeks. Treatment is around my rear portions, & as little movement about as possible. Anybody that has a skin infection after this I shall always feel for them because I know it can be hell. Still, after all, it can be repaired, which is something.

So Barbara kisses my picture every night. Poor tot, I wonder of she will recognize me the first time she actually sees me in the flesh. I must be quite a myth to her. Well, my beloved, keep young & beautiful & above all have faith, xxxxxxxx

Love Forever, Arnold

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