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1944 May, near Campobasso, more health issues


Cdn Army, CMF

May 19, 1944

My Sweetheart:

I found that snapshot away in my officers haversack, the one I sent you yesterday, & thought it half good for a change. I could stand a whole dose more of you, sweet, both in pictures & letters, but most of all if you were only here to take up in my arms & fuss over & make love too. I’m really going to be so far away from knowing how to go about that, love, that it really should be quite a smile to you when I first arrive back & you find me rather clumsy in the Art. I will know one thing though, sweet, & that will be how to hold you close & kiss those adorable lips that I left behind. Those stand out before me always in dreams or everyday work. Why shouldn’t they? Didn’t it take me almost a month of married life to train you to meet me on the door step with a kiss whenever I came home & sweetheart I can tell you now that for the first year of my return I will expect kisses every time I come home, not only to make up for all the ones I’ve missed, but just to make sure that it isn’t all a dream, but really love.

I almost departed up front Monday, but am staying on for some treatment of hives for a couple more weeks & in the meantime I have an important job to handle for Stan (Capt Smith) right here in the camp, one very needful for a lot of people.

Did I tell you that Sunday I was very sick, a bit of sun-stroke? Well, I haven’t eaten a hearty meal, in fact, up until yesterday I was on soup & bread. Today I did manage an egg & a bit of meat, but the old stomach isn’t acting exactly 100% tonight, nevertheless I believe it will hold together. Last nite we had an CNSA show here that had just arrived in this country with 4 real live Canadian girls between ages 17 & 20. You should have heard the boys go all out. It really was a scream, but then why not, there’s nothing that can touch Canadian Girls after all, especially the two I left behind.

Devoted Love to You Both,


West N.S.R., Cdn Army, CMF

May 26, 1944

My Sweetheart:

Time is 2:30 PM & every breath you take you wonder if its the last its so darn hot. I can see that I have to get a sun tan & get it quick before I really get moving. Can hear the big guns quite clearly from here but it may be a few days before I get back up with the Unit. Been here for 2 days now & it seems like old times to be under canvas once more. Planes go over in unceasing droves here, but all our own at the moment.

The flies & mosquitoes are really beginning to be a nuisence (you’ll really have to re-educate me when I get back as my spelling is cruel) & when eating everything has to be covered. Mosquito nets are now used by all to sleep under at night. Poor old Stan was disgusted when I decided to leave 1 CBRD, he’d give his right arm to be able to get up himself but I don’t believe that his leg will ever be strong enough for that. He limps quite a bit & every long march his leg swells double size.

Just before I left I had mailed to you a bracelet, the duplicate of which I mailed a long time ago & which I believe you never received. It is a good one, if a bit unique. I sent it as a birthday present, my love, as I may not be in a position to mail anything later. I do hope you’ll like it. I suppose that my mail will get all frigged up again, so as I’ll be with the Unit before you can answer, I’m giving you the unit address.

My beloved baby, if only you could be within reach for at least a couple of days, what a time we’d really have. I still can give you 50 yds on a hundred yard dash & catch you & what a mauling you’d get. Perhaps its just as well you’re not, as I’m sure I’d eat at least one ear & your poor back would likely break in two. What an awful going over you’d really get if you were handy.

My blessings & love to both,


1st Div, WNSR, CA, CMF.

May 29, 1944

My Darling Wife:

This finds me at last back with the Regiment in ‘B’ Company with Major Al Rogers as O.C. (Went to school & college with him) & Capt Jones as 2 i/c (I knew him for a long time & they don’t come better). Sgt Jefferson is my platoon Sgt & a darn good one at that. His brother Jeff is an officer in the North Nova’s & I chummed around with him when I was in CIRU back in England. Charlie has gone back from the unit & won’t be back. Poor Charlie was so anxious to get up & now he’s out on account of nerves. Met him on the way back & he was really put out. He’ll likely get a base job somewhere behind the line so the best of luck to him. Art Dyer’s still hear & has a beautiful flowing moustache now (What a speller).

Sweetheart! This is what I’ve had my heart set on for a long time & now I’m satisfied & happy once more. Moral in the unit is right at a peak, as it is in all Canadian units & we aim to keep it right there. I found a lot of fleas last night, so I walked over to a R.A.P. Unit this morning & had a good bath in alcohol. May even have a swim this afternoon. Expect to have company sports also. Have a Wop house as my platoon H.Q at moment, nothing like making yourself at home. Peaceful & quiet, love, & as we’re in a valley it’s exactly like the Annapolis valley in August- wheat, oats, etc, all ready to be cut, only I’m afraid this is one crop their going to miss.

Meet Islanders everywhere. Walked into RAP this morning, & a different unit altogether & Sgt in charge was a lad named Dillon from Charlottetown. It isn’t a very large world after all, though to us it seems so big being apart. Never mind, we’ll keep punishing Gerry until he’s in his own back yard & he’ll fold like a jack knife. A cheery smile, a big hug & many kisses to both,

Love Forever,


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