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1994, August 10. Near Perugia.

WNSR, Cdn Army, CMF

10 Aug, 1944

Hello Love:

How’s about a great big hug & a nice kiss; that’s it, snuggle a little closer, now one more big kiss. “Good. Yes, darling!” That’s the way it should be & that’s the way it will be always when I get back, even to your enforced enslavement of a kiss every time I arrive home after being out any length of time (2 hours). So Barbara’s really beginning to talk & take an interest in the things that are going on about her? Well even though I’m missing the best part of her while she’s little, it really will be nice that she’s able to be left practically alone when I get back & that you’ll be able to be free to travel about in the evenings a bit.

Talking about money, sweetheart, I am saving every day & although I certainly don’t want you to skimp I do believe that you can put aside the odd dollar or so. It just means the difference in a year’s time as to whether we have a car of our own or not & a bit of capital to start out with. Every dollar saved now is going to be worth three immediately the war is over (not so far away I hope).

Sand flies which bring big welts the size of an enlarged hive seem to be our big trouble at the moment & the boys are beginning to use Anti-fly Ointment more & more even if it has got a beautiful smell to it. They’re so darn small they come right through the nets we sleep under every night. Think I’ll bring a small pup tent with me when I get back & we’ll always sleep out on the front lawn for a while. A house is certainly going to be awfully stuffy.

Just had two of my teeth drilled out & a provisional filling put in. May lose one & I’m not looking forward to that at all. I never did like a dentist & I like him less now although Major MacLeod is one of the best, everyway.

Just think, summer fast closing & ??

Always all my love,


Crapaud, August 11, 1944

My dear Arnold- Barbara wasn’t a bit more delighted yesterday than I was to get the darling doll and the many sweet dresses. It really is sweet Arnold, and Barbara has done nothing but dress and undress her since we opened the parcel. She has never had a doll with so many dresses before, but she certainly knows what to do with them. I searched the box for a line from yew but perhaps that will come tomorrow.

The word has quite come through that the Canadians are fighting in Italy, and since you said you were back with the equipment I suppose it can be assumed you might be in it too. I do hope not, Arnold, I hope you may never know the horror of it cause it must have an effect on a man for the rest of his days. Everytime there has been time to think today I’ve said an extra little prayer for your safety.

Arnold dear, did I tell you I expected to board one of the teachers this year? I am, starting next Tuesday, isn’t it awful the summer is so gone? Her name is Marian Leach, one of my best pupils in North Tryon, where we first hit it off, I believe. Marian is a nice kid, and will be company for me. You must wonder how many more pies I’m going to have my finger in. I hope this will be my last- in fact, it’s my earnest wish that your homecoming may interrupt this venture.

Since arriving home Wednesday morning, life has been pretty hectic here. Wednesday afternoon your Mother & Dad, Aunt Winnie and Uncle Hal were down, we ate at a local tea as my larder was empty. I loved hosting them, and found Uncle Hal nicer than I expected. Not much wonder you are so nice and gentlemanly Arnold, you certainly have a wonderful family. Barbara, of course, acted very funny for our guests benefit, but not half as bad as I’m sure she will for you the first few days you are home- am afraid your first impulse will be to bring her to her knees. She, of course, gets to much attention- she’s a honey tho’.

I had a perfectly lovely little trip all by myself Arnold- and I feel much more contented with the world. All I want now is await your homecoming- some say you will be home by Christmas, my time limit is our next wedding anniversary. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for it.

My love always sweetheart, I love you so much.


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