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April 10, 1941 Polly from Ottawa

Experimental Farm

April 10, 1941

Dear Arnold,

Don’t bother commenting on the paper, it is office stuff, pen too, in case you think it is mine which is so scratchy. Last night we worked here until ten o’clock, and today we have absolutely no work to do. Some system, isn’t it? It takes thirty minutes at least to get here from Sandy Hill, so I stayed at the Farm from nine till ten, which is a little too much, I found.

There was a very nice letter waiting for me last night, thanks a lot for the money, but since I won’t be going home for awhile I won’t need it. When we decide definitely what we are going to do, I’ll send it back to you, but you had better tell me soon, or there won’t be any left to send back. I can find many uses for much needed money, let me tell you. We have to work full time Good Friday and Easter Monday. Isn’t that a rotten idea, and we will probably just sit here anyway. There is absolutely no system in this building, they are still moving cabinets and tables and things which didn’t prove to be put in convenient places in the first place.

Thursday night. In the meantime I have been at odds with Joe, our section boss. He tried to show his authority just a little too obviously for us girls so we rather have our backs up. What we need is a real scare, but until we get it we aren’t going to be very pleasant with our Joe- ‘babies’?

There wasn’t a letter or any description for me today, and I did miss yours truly very much. There is a full moon now, and they are such terrible things for me, with you two thousand or so miles away. Last night was the first time I ever felt lonesome since I came up here. I worked until ten o’clock, and so see all the other girls and boys go laughingly off together while I went alone in a bus, was rather hard, but I simply can’t stand any of the boys I’ve gone out with here, so I’d much rather just sit back and dream of all the good times we are going to have. But if all goes as I hope this will be the last lonesome full moon I’ll ever have. Doesn’t it make you awfully happy to think of that? It does me.

Today I went shopping for a suitcase, to match the one you gave me, but I couldn’t find one in Ottawa. I guess I’ll have to have one ordered. It would be very nice to have the set, I think, if it can be managed at all.

So you are home now, you lucky so and so. You might not have the beautiful sunny days we have here but you certainly have something else. It is just four weeks since I came up here and in some ways in seems a year. What a lot has happened in that time! It seems rather incredible. Personally I love the idea of being married here, it will avoid a lot of publicity too. I think that a marriage is too sacred a ceremony to be marred by a lot of cheap talk and gossip, and there will be plenty, I know. As soon as I hear from you I’m going to ask mother to put our engagement announcement in the papers, that should ease a bit of the gossip.

Do write as often as possible Arnold, I never realized until today how much that letter means. I think about you nearly all day but I am freaky about writing.

Love and more love,

Yours truly Polly

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