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April 11, 1941 All the Lovely Dances

Kensington, PEI

Dear Annilea:

Tonight is Sunday night, & it finds me very lonesome for a girl many, many miles away. I wonder if she is thinking of me? Darling! I haven’t received a letter in the last couple of days, but I can’t but feel that you are thinking of me at least for a few minutes every day.

What is love composed of? Do we really know? I don’t, but I do know that I’d give anything in the world to have you here at this present moment. How lovely it is going to be to be able to hold you close in my arms again & to know that nothing in the world can come between us, that we are both free to come & to go & do as we please. Think of the lovely dances we can have together, after all darling, this all started on a dance floor, remember? Then again we can go to shows together, parties with friends which you will make when you come over here & then again Darling, when we can be alone, just you & I, to make love to each other. Just to sit & look at you is perfect love, sweet. And so till the 5th of May we wait, with hope high that everything will come out for the best. The days are going awfully slow.

I was so glad the first night home to receive a letter from you & such a helpful & sensible letter at that. Everything that you said had sound fact about it & the only thing wrong with it was the date set. Nevertheless darling! I will leave it at that. The reason for saying that is that with things so unsettled in Europe we are liable to call at any minute. What would I do if I get my embarkation leave before that date? Please answer that darling, I do so want to do what is best for you. Would you want me to telegraph you immediately & have you come down & get married anyway, or would you want me to just stay engaged to you. I do love you so darling & I want to do anything in the world to make you happy. Please answer this riddle now.

Question: How much money did I send you? I’ve been worried ever since I sent that letter, because after I sent it, I found some extra money in my purse. If I made a mistake you must think me very dumb or just a plain tightwad. Little things like this are just driving me crazy, even now I have a splitting headache, which isn’t any fun. Phones are not in commission to-day so I talk to your mother to-morrow, I will see to it that it is splashed in the paper our being married sometime in May. Would that I had you here right now darling, even if it were just to hold your hand. My mother is more than satisfied the way things are turning out. She was going to write you a letter to-night but I persuaded her to go to bed. She’s just finished house cleaning & she looked awfully tired. She wrote you on Sunday. You’ll always find mother a swell pal, sweet, & the more she see’s of you after I’m gone the more she’ll like it.

Your Aunt & the Dr. seem to be very good to you darling & I’m so glad you have them there to help you. Thank them both for me dear for all the trouble they are taking over us. After all, when they do anything to help you, they are helping me most. I never even got around to sending you an Easter card, let alone chocolates or flowers. I’ll make that all up to you soon darling. If there is anything you want, in any way, shape, or form, holler loud & long.

And so, my darling, a tired & worried boy hopes that you had a nice Easter holiday & that everything turns out OK. May God keep you safe until we meet.



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