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April 17-19, A few lines

Aldershot N.S.

To My Sweetheart:

And so another day’s gone by & time passes. To-day is another of those days in the spring when a young man’s heart is turned to Love. Does mine have to turn? I’ve been very tardy in my letters lately but from now on I shall send them day in & day out.

How I used to detest letter writing & now it's turned into a real pleasure. I do hope everything is running along smoothly up there, bur then, wherever you are everything is bound to run along perfectly. Just one caution, my sweet. If I can’t get a long enough leave, I’ll have to bring you down here, & get married somewhere around here. Would that break your heart, darling? You know, by this time, that the army is very undependable. I do hope it won’t be that way, but things are so unsettled & the 10th is so far away.

Darling, I can hardly bear to wait until you are with me. You are always in my thoughts, & as one of the boys put it: “If you don’t sit still there won’t be anything left to marry.”

Your Lonesome Boy friend,


Aldershot N.S.

April 19, 1941

Hello Sweet:

Just a few lines before we go out & get inspected by The National Defence Minister, Col. J.S. Ralston.

The Major told me yesterday to apply through him for leave to go to Ottawa to be married so I’ll do it the first of the week. In the meantime make plans to hold wedding there. Your letter yesterday was very much appreciated as all your letters are. Three weeks, so help me, I’ll go crazy before then. I really don’t know exactly what Love is, but I sure do know that if you don’t get down here soon there won’t be anything left & a shadow wouldn’t do you much good.

Had a letter from your family yesterday wishing us the best of everything. That at least is nice to know because, after all, it would be very awkward to have them against it. And so, My Darling, a few long hours & this day will be over & another long day started. I’m very much afraid you better watch out when we meet, I’ll be so hungry that I’ll be very much inclined to eat you. Goodbye Sweetheart.

Lonesome Lover,


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