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April 20, '41 The Seigniory Club*

361 Wilbord

Sunday night - 20th


We have had a simply marvelous weekend and you positively have to come up here to be married, Aunt Molly says we can have their cottage at the Seigniory club for as long a time or as short a time as we wish, and the cottage is perfect Arnold, just exactly what a log cabin should be, even to the view and the brook to say nothing about it being a very modern, well equipped cabin. I went down by train Saturday noon and we came back tonight through a blinding lightning storm. But really, Arnold, the Club is terrific, it has the best of everything. I’d love for you to come up Friday, we’ll be married Saturday afternoon, go to Montebello in the evening and stay at the Burnette’s cabin for at least two days. Aunt Molly has suggested we go to the Log Chateau for Saturday night, and live in style until they come down Sunday to look after us. Dr. B can get all the time he wants so we could have a very lovely time. I know. You simply have to come up here this this weekend, it would actually break my heart if you can’t. I was so surprised in the letter I got today to find out that you hadn’t arranged for furlough long ago, but I do hope that that’s all settled by now, as well as your arrangement about where and how we are going to live in Kentville.

The cabin is such a delightful change from the Log Chateau, I really relaxed for two hours today, the first time since I came up here, whereas at the hotel, time is very gay and grand. Three weeks from tonight, from last night, I will be Mrs. Arnold Taylor; if you only knew how I’m looking forward to it, hard praying that it will come soon, I live on nothing else actually.

Spring has come very early here, we ate on the porch and discarded our coats and admired violets and trilliums in bloom. Who ever said expectations are greater than the realization? It can’t be, I know we are going to be supremely happy and contented. We have to be.

And so I must to sleep. Three weeks from tonight we will be together. Rather terrifying, isn’t it? But I do wish it were three hours or three minutes. Write often Darling, and do tell me you are coming and staying.

Yours in all love,


* note to reader: the Seigniory club was a very swanky resort in Quebec open only to an exclusive membership. Today it is the Chateau Montebello.

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