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April 21, 1941 "What a thing to say!"

Aldershot, N.S.

April 21, 1941

Dear Annilea:

“Anyway, I say as much in one page as you say in four”. What a thing to say to your future husband. You are also a very moody creature. Should I really take the chance? A real charming, beautiful little girl sits in Ottawa writing things like this with one hand & holding the key to his heart in the other. Is that really fair to the catch she is ensnaring, especially as she knows that she holds him in the hollow of her hand, that every word she breaths or speaks is waited for with baited breath. “When I stop being so business like I’ll tell you I love you. In the meantime I do love you.”. This is sensational. How I utterly detest & despise you at times. Imagine trying to settle down to business when talking to such a beautiful creature. Do you really think I’d be human if I did?

Incidentally! You forgot to tell me how many boys you were having in together with the girls the other night. Do they compare with the boys down here? We have some Montrealers down here you know & how we detest them most of the time.

A little girl, practically in her teens yet, with a lovely forehead, twinkling eyes, & the most beautiful set of carved lips that any young lady ever had or ever will have, & she can be very lavish with them at times to, wants me to sit down & write to her a serious & very dry business letter.

1st I Love You

This Young Lady must be made to realize that I’m in the Army now & that its not quite as simple as you would try to make me believe by letter, to get leave whenever, nevertheless, to satisfy the lady’s curiousity I have already applied for the necessary leave, through Major Corkum, & I hope to know definitely by Thursday. Things can’t be rushed in the Army, but I think things will go OK so that leaves one arriving in Ottawa Friday 9th, in the evening sometime.

2nd I Adore You

I would leave here by car Wednesday Night & arrive there Friday Night. If we are married Saturday afternoon, stayed at the Seigniory Club that night & started back the following afternoon, would that satisfy You?

Nora is out, but I believe that your Mother & Mine have been talking to each other & anything might happen.

3rd Your Grand

Immediately upon being definite of leave, I shall get in touch with Rev. Milliken.

4th Your Marvellous

2:30 P.M. If that is OK with You, but you can make your own arrangements with the Right Rev. Gentlemen Midnight, it makes no difference to me, just as long as your there.

5th I Still Love You

Throw in a dozen attendants if you wish, or throw them out altogether. It’s your wedding, make the plans as you wish.

6th Always Will.

I believe that it will be much nicer for you to board with somebody to keep company with. And so, my sweet little girl friend I hope this answers some of your questions. What a day. Spent it up on the range & darn near roasted to death. If I find it hot at this time of year, what in the devil am I going to do when the summer arrives? Darling! There is not much more for me to say. I only hope Darling that you will like it down here & that you won’t find it lonely or be disappointed in anyway. After all Darling, you won’t be single anymore, & therefore won’t be able to step out with any other boys over here.

The time goes so slow, but it will pass, & when you & I will move then make up for lost time.

Your One & Only Love,


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