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April 30, 1941

Aldershot, N.S.

April 25, 1941


Time rushes on & only a week from to-night I will be able to hold you in my arms again. How sweet that will be, & the following night, to have you all to myself, & at last have something to really care for, somebody that all my life I can devote my energies to make happy & contented. The best will never be too good for you my Sweetheart.

The roads are open at last & I expect Dad & Mother, your Mother & perhaps father & possibly Nora. They will meet you at Sackville Friday noon, so leave Ottawa so that your connection will enable you to catch the train that leaves Montreal, I believe, around 11:30 AM, almost noon. You can then all journey down by car, much easier than train. Check your trunk & baggage tonight through to Kentville. If anything should happen that they don’t arrive by the time the train is die to leave Sackville, stay aboard & come down by same.

Check: If you are still on train wire me from Truro. If by car, I left instructions with Dad how to locate me. I am taking you to the home of Mrs. Aeddin, whose husband is in the Navy & who has a child of 2 years old. It is nicely furnished & she is a marvelous cook. Promises to help in anything you would like to learn. She is only young, full of life & pep even if she isn’t the nicest looking young girl in the world. After all, there’s only one girl that combines all those virtues in one. Can you guess who that would be?

Your wire was beautifully worded Darling, I only hope I never let that wire down in the least bit. I wonder if my Sweetheart really realizes just exactly how much this boy really & truly Loves her! That he worships the very ground that she stands on & that all he lives for now is to be able to create a home for her that she will never want to leave, to build a shrine around her & worship at her feet. Think of what joy it will be again to crack a joke, or say something pleasant & see that quick bright smile of yours. Never again must you frown, no matter what happens, moodiness must leave you forever & you & I must always be bright & gay come what may.

And so my Beautiful Shining Star, I must say Good-night & Good-bye until Friday Night. If you get this soon enough Answer.

All my Love,


P.S. Saturday afternoon OK by You?


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