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April 4, 1941 A note from Mother and Father


April 4, 1941

Arnold my dear:-

I am very sorry to have hurt your feelings, and I assure you that when I wrote I never for an instant imagined anything of the kind would happen to you. But I had a method in my madness, I find, dear, that you usually fail to answer so many of my questions; I thought if I gave you a good jolt- you would, and you did. I am so glad you and Annalea have decided to wait just a little while. I know you feel just now that you want to be married tomorrow but there is lots of time and some time in May will be very nice if you can’t possibly wait longer.

Annalea will want some little time to get clothes, and think about the arrangements, every girl does dear, so don’t rush her. However I am so glad you are coming home Easter, and we can discuss things then. I never thought, dear, to ask if you were coming home as I thought perhaps your little trip to see Annalea off was all they would give you. When do your arrive?

I won’t write you again dear before your coming home as I will be to busy house cleaning with Ruth, but we will be charmed to see you when ever you arrive & I will certainly will have your room all ready.

Where do you intend getting married? Ottawa, Aldershot or at Crapaud? So many things to decide, my brain just goes round at the thought of it all. Petey looked as pleased and almost intelligent when I informed him you were coming home. Much love dear as ever,


note to reader: a note from dad was included at the end.

Dear Arnold-

I do not know that I can add anything to Mother’s letter as she seems to have expressed our mutual attitude. However, I can not let this opportunity pass of expressing what one feels and perhaps finds hard to express verbally and that is - that the most important step in life is marriage- it means more to one’s future than anything else that I know of & entering same with the proper attitude towards each other is a great help towards happiness.

Again, congratulations that the future holds such a prospect.



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