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April 5, 1941 What did you mean...

Aldershot N.S.

April 5, 1941

My Dearest Darling:

Your letter yesterday sounded so much nicer, really as if you were enjoying life & I trust that when I receive your next letter that it will tell me that you are supremely happy again & that what I have said makes everything sound & go right again. As to when you are home, it is entirely up to yourself, but I wouldn’t leave it too late as time travels fast. I hope by this time you have written and told your mother your plans & that everything will go well from now on. Fully intended to go in & see your parents when I went home, but received letter from them yesterday, so will explain that March 31st letter to them in full today.

Would it be possible for you to have your job waiting for you after I have gone overseas? What did you mean when you said that there would be much fun in getting married & then separating again almost immediately?* Certainly you are coming here to Kentville to live with me until I leave. Would the 5th of May do as a wedding day? And now my sweetheart I must go run.

I love you so much, but your happiness comes first & if you at any time feel the least bit doubtful now is the time to speak.

Love to the most Adorable girl in the world,


*note to reader: my grandmother had a very good sense of humour.

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