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April 8, 1941 All business

Aldershot, N.S.


All business, My Sweet, so take everything in. I’m sure your mother & father will come around so don’t lets worry about little things like that. Where do you want to be married? Home or some other place? When are you coming home? If you are thinking of coming home by Saturday night, I want you to come straight to Kensington & stay until Tuesday Morning when we can part at Emerald- you to Crapaud, me to Aldershot. We have got a lot to talk about after all, My Darling, & you would find my Mother, & yours before long, the most understanding person in the world. Friday morning, I want a telegram addressed to Kensington reading one way or other, thus: 1st “Will be home Saturday Night, till then, Love” or 2nd “Unable to come home yet, everything OK. Love”. I Love You Darling but think clearly before you send one or other. If you have anything to do, or wish to work a while longer do so, but if your coming home anyway, let me know, & come straight to me. Don’t fail. I want one or the other of those Telegram’s Friday morning.

Can you possibly get your job back, if I left in the near future? Something for you to do. And so in the lap of God I leave you. Enclosed amount should see you through.

With all my Love,


P.S. May the 5th Monday, is the date. Think clearly, & act according to your own views. I Love You, Arnold

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