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April 8, 1941 Letter from Polly

Ottawa, Ont

My dear Arnold,

What a beautiful Saturday afternoon this is! Jeanette and I planned to shop but she may have to work. This morning I picked up some sweet jiggies and I had a navy blue coat put away. Do you think you’d like me in navy blue? I think it is the smartest color on the market. If you send me my ticket, and Mother throws in some, I may be able to manage.

Where are we going to live Arnold? And how? I’d like a small cozy apartment somewhere. You had better keep your eyes open because it wouldn’t be so funny to sleep on a park bench, even if the May nights are nice and warm.

The letter I mailed this morning was quite a mess I’ll admit. I seemed to have tried to show you the ugliest side of me, which is too ugly, I’ll admit. But I think we will be able to get along without much friction as long as you bring my breakfast to bed and wash the dinner dishes. And always remember I like my coffee coal with three sugars. Who is going to be big boss of this prospective family? Don’t lets’ either of us boss. I’m sure we can agree on everything if we are a little considerate of each others likes and dislikes.

Your letter today was grand; so you laughed at my letter did you, you brute? You never saw a more dejected girl in all your life than I was that night I got your wire. I haven’t been feeling my best for the last while and my nerves are sort of shot, so perhaps that accounts for my silly moods. I’m usually quite even tempered tho, am I not.

Would I ever love to be going home for Easter, but I guess I’ll stay here for at least a week after. If Mother can’t have a wedding why don’t we get married quietly somewhere then go home and have a little reception at the place I mentioned before. I wouldn’t want a wedding unless it could be real nice, and I’d need at least fifty dollars more in clothes for an elaborate wedding. I also have to have a larger suitcase. I’m still asking you to tell me something definite. You and Mother get together at Easter and make plans.

I’ll work on my signature. I really think they’ll like it once we really decide definitely.

Love, and I’m all alone. Yours,


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