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August 16, 1940 The Black Watch

Aldershot, N.S. Hello Darling: When you see these pictures you’ll feel exactly as I did. What’s the use. When I say that, I’ve got another film in my hand & as the saying goes: “When you don’t succeed at first; try, try again!” I tried it once before you know, & look at the success I had or was it? I know it’s costing me plenty of spare time & note paper & ink to say nothing of telling you exactly what I think. Oh well, that’s life & all I can do is hope, sincerely hope, that next time I may be able to reproduce a real likeness of the animal that’s over here. If you notice, even the pen brightened up at the thought of it, so all I need now is for the Camera to stand the strain.

I had a game of tennis last night & the result was that I got overheated, thence, another nice dose of hives. Some people just never learn. Yesterday was pay day for the men & N.C.O.’s. I wish you could have seen the line up in front of the Liquor Store last night. It stretched, with no imagination, over two healthy blocks. About 9 O’clock, a bunch of the Black Watch, 200 strong, got together & threatened to clean out the town. That lasted exactly until they got as far as the main Street when they ran into a bunch of our lads & twenty minutes later they found out they were just another unit. Even a Movie Camera would have had a hard job to do justice to what took place. The Governor General expected here Sunday, therefore no leaves & a mass camp parade Sunday. Well Sweetheart, I must be Toddling. Always thinking of you. Love, Arnold P.S. The more I looked at them the more disgusted I got.

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