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August 1940 Bayonet Training

Lt. A.D. Taylor

Officers Training Dept. (Note to reader: undated, but 1940 I guess)

Aldershot, N.S.

Hello Sweetheart:

Just a few lines before I turn in. Missed a letter from you today, but after all, just because I get feeling low is no reason why I should pass it along to you.

Poured all day & we got soaked, but then, that’s the army life for you & if that’s all that ever happens we’ll be damn lucky. A lot of the boys are leaving on embarcation leave, that is, men who are picked to go on the next draft to go overseas are given a few days leave to go home & bid their family’s farewell. That includes sweethearts also. Personally, I hope when I leave it will be the former. We will certainly miss these lads as most of them are a real bunch of live wires.

We had some real bayonet fighting to-day. Two guys went to the hospital. Not bad for the first day. If that happens when they are fighting with bayonets, what the devils going to take place when we get them out in the range with bullets in their rifles?

Not even any birds around to sing a cheery song, Thank goodness there’s one cheery smile I can look at any time, or place, during the day. How did you manufacture that smile so that it comes to the fore at all times. It must be the evil little twinkle in your eye or the way your hair flairs out as a background, or perhaps the way your lovely mouth forms to set off a beautiful smile backed by a glorious set of teeth. Maybe, that shapely neck of yours set on a beautiful set if shoulders. I believe my roommate hit it on the head when he saw it first. How could any creature be created who has such a beautifully molded head and & figure be going with me?

Have to run Darling, can’t even read this over, but its meant from the heart to the one & only



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