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August 21 1940 A Busy Weekend

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Received your letter at noon & read it, but I’ll be damned if I can find it myself right now. Nevertheless, I’m answering it immediately.

I’m afraid your letter is a day to late to arrange anything for this weekend but from what I read in your letter it may be OK anyway. Too late I learned that Don Bowness’s (he’s a banker over here) girl friend, (Olive Glydon is her name, from Kensington) was coming over last weekend, in fact, I met her immediately after I rang you. Was I ever sore. So that’s the way things go.

Nora is at present working in the Government Building in Charlottetown so that I’m afraid it’s impossible for her to get away. When I spoke to you over the phone, since I had to practically shout, I couldn’t possibly say what I wanted to. Darling, you gave me an awful start when you asked me if the girl I was speaking of was really engaged. Now that I come to think of it, it was only natural & when you meet her you may think more so. Nevertheless, Gloria Clark is practically the nicest looking & absolutely the nicest girl in manner, shape or form. She is engaged to Cap. Nichols of the Royal Canadian Engineers who is, at present, at the large camp at Truro. I have been with them a number of times to dances & we’ve become quite chummy. She’s just dying to meet you.

Monday night after supper I found one of the boys had demolished one of your pictures. I was furious. I threatened to wreck the joint & left in a frenzy & went to a show to cool off. Met Gloria afterwards & after explaining to her why I was even in town that night I suggested that we go to a small club outside of Kentville to a dance to cool off. She was tired & suggested we go to Wolfville, 10 miles distance and eat instead. Surprises, she had Charlie’s car (her boyfriends) so away we went. By the time we got home I found out why every boy in Kentville will stand up for her & at the same time have had, at one time or another, a crush on her. She just doesn’t know how to say anything mean against anybody else. We just talked the evening away & afterwards she drove me up to camp. (Say, I didn’t do bad for one night, Chas. Girlfriend in his own car.) This is just to give you an insight into what type of girl she is. If I stay as true blue to you, as she does to Charlie, even the world splitting in two couldn’t separate us, sweetheart.

Now darling, I’m even going so far as to plan on your coming over for Labor Day. Are you both coming by car or train & when will you arrive? Is it possible for you to get somebody else to teach for you so that you can remain for at least two or three days extra? Today, I count the days. Monday I’ll be counting the hours & by Thursday the minutes. You won’t let me down if at all possible, will you? Who are your friends here? I live on these expectations for the next few days. Please write me Sunday & let me know all the answers. I am rushing this to catch the mail (Time 5:45 Wed evening).

Remember me always, darling,



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