August 22, 1940 What They Are Training For

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Just exactly what I said in my letter of yours yesterday I’m not quite sure as I got it off in quite a hurry, but I have since discovered your letter which I will answer as only it can be answered.

Yes! No matter how; I want you to come over even if you bring all of P.E.I. with you or come alone. Your friend Francis seems a very good solution to the problem. As for your mother! If she comes fine. The few times I’ve met your mother makes me think of my own always & there isn’t a better sport on the face of the earth.

Darling! You can’t possibly realize how much this is going to mean to me. Do you realize that I haven’t seen you for over a month, that I heard you speak for the first time since then over a phone the other night & I’m certain you weren’t talking naturally, not that I blame you for that, but just the same it doesn’t make sense. Only a couple of hundred miles apart & I might as well be in England. Darling, is that square to either you or I?

A long weekend at the end of this six weeks course probable, but can you wait that long? Do you realize how happy I can make you if you are here, if only for a couple of days? To say nothing to what heights my own elation will rise too? I can’t wait that long, so Darling don’t let me down if it’s at all possible.

Kid, Listen! (this is between you & me only), If money matters are in the way let me know immediately. I’m just trying to explain to that everything I have is yours; that money means nothing to me without you; that I’m living from day to day for you, hoping & praying that before long I may be in a position to give you everything in life that is worth while. So remember; anything you may need of me is only making life more livable for me. Don’t forget, let me know your plans as soon as possible.

Remember! To be with You is but to be in Heaven.

Do you need Love,


Aldershot, N.S.

Aug. 22, 1940

Dear Annilea:

Don’t be surprised at getting this extra letter. I’m so lonesome at the present moment that all I can do is think of you.


Ten minutes ago two special trains pulled out of Aldershot, with over 1100 aboard, for over seas duty. Amongst that group were seventeen Officers from our school; Chaps, just like ourselves, leaving for they know not where, but in such high spirits it would almost break your heart to realize that these lads, whom we have grown to know as well, fellows that we have eaten, drank & slept with, have gone to do a duty that there is no shrinking from, one, which will tax all there brains & nerves to the utmost to fulfill. It is then, & only then, that you get that queer thrill, that cold shiver which runs up & down your spine, that you also realize for the first time what we are really training for, something that up to this time has only seemed like a bunch of school kids going to school to have a good time, instead of realizing that at the end of all this training we may always be the next to leave at any time for any place to perform any duty that may be wished upon us. I don’t have to tell you what that duty is. If you were there this afternoon you would realize why strong men flinch & women drown their sorrow in tears. University men, the flower of the land, whom we will never see again or who, if we do we may not be recognizable or maimed for life.

Darling, do you wonder that I count the hours when I will be able to hold you in my arms again & tell you, over & over again, how much I really care for You?



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