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August 7, 1940 I Love You Truly

Aldershot N.S.

Hello Sweetheart:

Meaning this time that I’d really like to be following that up. Ho hum, what a life. Why have the Kentville people changed their attitude towards soldiers? Why did you? Why did they close off one of the largest high schools in Dartmouth? I think even at that, that most of the boys haven’t changed much, but that it takes the army life to bring out in a man what he really is.

That, I’m afraid, stands for Lloyd too.

For the love of mike don’t plaster it on to thick or you’ll have me believing that I’d better take up the Ministry. Any man who is strong-willed enough to refrain from all the things you suggest is really above the average. Remaining absolutely true to the me & only, is entirely of a different matter. Here there is no temptation to do otherwise, therefore I’m afraid this stands out as a weakness, or does it?

Darling, I don’t want to here of you swearing on my account again because in the first place I’m not worth it, & in the second place ink & pens have a perfect right to wear out just the same as you & I are some day. You know! I’m very pleased indeed to here that you’ve taken up cooking & as for your mother making a woman out of you that's impossible. You see, you’ve already grown to be such & a person doesn’t do that twice in a lifetime.

Darling! There’s one thing I must ask you. Please don’t feel hurt if I don’t explain any more than I’ve already explained to you about the camp over here. Remember, what you don’t know you can’t tell & after all there’s a war on & you never know who you may be talking with & unwittingly let some little thing, which seems very unimportant to you, slip out. The water tower, I told you about, looks very nice as they gave it a nice coat of ivory gray to-day.

Sent that film away to-day, but I’m getting a large Camera tomorrow & expect to get some good shot not only of yours truly but also if the camp in general. Now kid, I have some work to do, so will have to say good-bye. You still love me as much as ever?

Love ever,


P.S. My favourite tune is still: “I Love You Truly.”

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