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Dec 19, 1940 An Opportunity

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Received your letter to-day & it made me feel good to know that you hadn’t deserted to a foreign country altogether. You know; a week is a long time to wait for a letter from you, as after all I should be talking to you every day to say nothing of having you right here in Kentville where I could be with you every evening. The more I think of it, the lonelier I get especially now. Don’t you realize that I have a long cold winter & spring to put in over here, possibly alone, & that if I do have to & you weren’t to come over , that I might only see you for two or three days while I’m home. Snow, you know, has an unpleasant habit of piling up just when you don’t want it too. Even if we could get together more often what good would it do at this time of year. We could never get absolutely alone to-gether, like we should be allowed. As, & find out if we can really hit it off together or not.

Sweetheart! Don’t you realize that unless we do this at this opportunity, that we may never get to know each other well enough to know just exactly what we do feel for each other, that this is my last real leave for a year & that you & I want to have one real week of life as it should be, free from everybody, free to do as we please, free to be & live in a world of our own, to go to shows, dances, if you wish, with no-body around to say she was out that late with that awful Taylor boy, etc, or to stop us from traveling here or there to see the sights, this town or that city, with its bustling crowds or quiet wintery scenes? This, Darling, is only a beginning of what life could really be for us both. This is only a sketch of the things we can & will do.

Two of the boys in our room are planning on getting married over the holidays! I wonder if its in the air?

Darling! What more can I possibly say or do to make you see that I’m madly in love with you, that hardly an hour passes without you some-where in my thoughts. I can’t make it plainer & I won’t try. I have a feeling, in fact I know, that you won’t let me down. If you don’t Sweetheart, I’m afraid that I’ll have to take it as a sign that I’m not strong or trustworthy enough & if I’m not now how could I possibly be married to you? Darling! I’m setting the stage on your coming & all my plans are being laid accordingly. You’re the one & only real Christmas present I want. A big order, I’ll admit, but Santa Clause never fails little boys.

Thursday, Christmas Eve, pick up the telephone between 5 & 6 & ring me, Lt. Taylor, Aldershot N.S., Reinforcement Officers Mess, as soon after 5 as possible, send collect. Get to a good phone.

So, until then Darling I leave you. Your present leaves to-morrow Registered. Ready to leave Thursday, Phone Sunday.

All my thoughts & love with you,


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