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Dec 2, 1940 A Glorious Drunk

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

As I write this letter it strikes me that life is a funny existence. Do you ever stop to think of the things we do, for no good reason at all, & the things we don’t do, when we have all the reasons in the world to do them? You said in your last letter that I never gave you any news from over here! The trouble is that what’s news to me means nothing to you, not knowing the people. Twelve Black Watch Officers received word yesterday that they are going overseas immediately. They proceeded at once to go on a glorious drunk. If you had been here you would have seen for yourself what fools men can make of themselves.

I just finished breaking quarantine for a group of the boys. Were they ever happy to get out around again with the rest. What a job! Everything had to be cleaned out & the place thoroughly disinfected. At the present moment there are 189 cases of flu etc in the hospital, which has a capacity of 60. Nice going if you can get it. The parade ground at the present is covered with ice. Slip & slide is the order of the day.

Darling! I can hardly wait till we meet again; at least 24 more days. I may be able to wrangle something surprising soon after you arrive & if so we’ll more than go places & see things. Don’t forget, your boy friend is counting the days, soon the hours & minutes so for heavens sake don’t let him down. You are ever present in my thoughts & dreams, Sweetheart.



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