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Dec 5, 1940 Hockey in the woods

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Just a note before I really take sick & hit the hospital. As I write this my head is going a mile a minute. Just at present it is pouring out. The hospital is full & three of the officers who are sick are in bed right in their own room, right here. Let’s hope I can make the grade & keep out of the Hospital. Is there any chance of getting a good Photo of you at Christmas time?

Darling, every day its getting more lonesome over here. Every place, including Turners and the Capital theatre are closed to the troops, camp orders. No getting together in groups of more than six. All lectures in camp are washed out.

Had some fun yesterday. All the Officers sick except yours truly in our company, so I took them out into the woods & had them build fires & shelters. Discovered a pond, so in the afternoon we took boards, hammer & nails & brooms to sweep it off. Taking our bayonets we cut hockey sticks & had a game. What a laugh. On steel cleets & heels you can imagine the slipping & sliding, together with 34 to a side. Talk about a bunch of school kids?

Well, Sweetheart! I’m just longing & yearning for you. You’ll be here Thursday 26th, won’t you? Between you & me; if I can arrange to get the weekend before you & I can get away from here Saturday. Have you ever been to Cape Breton? I haven’t been & that’s where we’ll go see the country & take in a good hockey match also. Would you like that? (Keep it under your hat.) Therefore don’t make any slip up on coming at that date. I’m existing on it, Darling.

All my Love Sweet,


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