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February 1942, Barbara arrives

Princess Louise Fusiliers

Debert, N.S.

March 16, 1942

Hello Sweet:

(note to reader: there was a paragraph here to faint to read)

Darling! It was lovely to hear your melodic voice Saturday night even if you weren’t thinking of me especially, but of Barbara, but while I’m away…(note to reader: the ink fades here).

I couldn’t very well tell you over the telephone, this is without a doubt the worst anybody could have wished upon them. Mud & also sticks in the mud (live ones) are the order of the day here. Granted it is an immense camp, but there is absolutely nothing to do after duty. Thursday night I was in town. Since then, I’ve spent my spare time sitting around the mess reading. Look out my letters don’t explode before long.

Love & Kisses Sweet,


Debert N.S.

March 19, 1942

Dear Mrs. Taylor:

It comes to my attention this morning- last night I went to bed at 8 O’Clock with a blinking headache & cold to say nothing of being dead tired after sloshing about in mud & water all day on the range- that I had not received a letter from my sweet little honey bunch, dew drop, rose bud. Did the sweet little thing forget her booful Husband?

And now, my sweet little pumpkin pie, I expect a couple of Officers may call on you either Saturday or Sunday Morning looking for my hockey gear. Give them the works, I mean my boots & skates etc. All in that club bag before I left. And now my Sweet Little Apple Dumpling, what kind of a baby carriage do you desire; convertible, maroon color etc. Can you get it there & how much? Saw some in town for $24.00. Too much? Well! Don’t get mad & don’t get sore. Your Husband still loves you whatever you do.

Love, to the Sweetest & most understanding wife in the world,


Debert, N.S.

March 19, 1942

Dear Barbara:

Perhaps you can give me the reason that your mother can’t find time to write to her poor broken-hearted husband. Has the man that he transplanted there so taken up her time that she finds no more time to waste on such as he, on such frivolity?

Lonely as I am, & it really is very lonely down here, nothing to do but to retire to bed each evening, I really don’t believe that I could stand aside & see somebody else destroy my life in front of me. Barbara Darling! Do you really think that the parting of the ways has really come to your mother & I? That she has decided so soon that I am not worthy of her great love, that somebody else might be able to make her happier?

If there is anything that I can do to aright matters, any suggestions that you can make won’t you let me know immediately?

Be good to Mother Dear,


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