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Jan 27, 1941 Spick or span

Aldershot N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Cold, awful cold up here, but boy its good to be alive. We’ve done nothing but shovel snow ever since I came back & standing around in sub-zero weather watching somebody else work isn’t any fun I can tell you. Inspection by the D.O.C. Wednesday & everything has to be spick or span or else. I never put in such a long week before in my life. I’ve had lots to do & more coming as our lectures 4 nights a week are starting again to-day which will cramp our style absolutely.

How’s about it? Do you miss me at all lady? One week gone & I’m longing, longing again to hold you in my arms & to tell you how much I love you. Never more serious was I than I am at the present moment. Just to have you to talk to, to look at for a few minutes each evening would be enough to encourage me to have something to look forward to the following day, to have something that would make this world a place wherein a person would feel that they would feel a real responsibility in life.

Tell me Darling, do you still really love me? I’m jealous now & don’t want the other boys to have you. Can you wait for me?

All my Love,


Aldershot N.S.

Feb 26, 1941

Hello Sweetheart:

Without a cloud in the sky & the sun beaming in through the window, just a few lines to let you know that you are very much in my thoughts. I was looking at your picture a moment ago, the one of you at camp in the shorts, & without exception, there can’t be another girl in the world that has what you have. You have everything Darling; a form that even stop Venus, looks that movie actresses would give a lot to have & your niceness combined makes you the perfect girl for any man.

I’ve been a fool Sweetheart. Why didn’t I marry you last fall. We could have had a marvelous time together & now, with every hour drawing nearer to the time when I will have to leave, it almost drives me mad at times to realize that we may then be parted for years, perhaps forever.

Coming over to the Island is almost impossible right now, as I explained in my last letter, so Darling if there is any possible chance of your coming over here for a few days, or part way at least, do come Dear. I miss you now & I miss you more every day. Last fall I didn’t know my own mind fully. Now I’m sure. I Love you Darling, I want you more & more as the hours go by. Is your Love still as full for me as ever?



P.S. Resolved: To write every other day to the sweetest & loveliest girl in the world. Arnold

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