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January 30, 1940 Winter Training

Aldershot, N.S. Dear Annilea, Snow Darling, nothing but snow & we’re getting kind of fed up with it. Our inspection was yesterday and it snowed the whole day & therefore we had to wade around in snow up to our knees on the parade ground & up to our waste out in the woods & we walked about 7 miles in a scheme in the afternoon all through woods. Immediately upon arriving back I went in & changed, no time to eat, being company Orderly officer & our Company being Duty Co., I had to be on parade when they fell in; on duty all night & to-night at 5 O’Clock I go on Battalion Orderly Officer, which means I’m responsible for anything that goes on in the whole Camp for the next twenty-four hours. Wading through snow up to your waist at 2 or 3 in the morning isn’t my idea of fun, but making your rounds it just has to be done. Just a hour & a half solid walking. Sweetheart, your letter was perfect. Too bad your not over here & have some skiing. There being classes over here now & I’m sure they’d just love to take you along with them. One girl in this camp, especially with your looks, would have more attention than the Queen of England. Darling, we’ll just have to be patient for a while, even if it is hard to be apart. Darling! I’m getting all jealous so keep your distance with the boys. Loving as Always, Arnold

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