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July 18, 1940 Admiralty House

Lt. A.D. Taylor

Officers Training Dept.

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

To-day the sweat is just rolling off our backs, the temperature being 95 degrees in the shade without any breeze of any sort either, & the lads are feeling it pretty keenly.

Last Monday, I had dinner at Admiralty House, Headquarters of the Navy Officers in Halifax, with the Chaplain, Rev. B.C. Salter, met numerous chaps that I know, & later on in the afternoon I was shown all through the navy yards which stretched for more than a mile & a half along the water-front. I wish you had been there to view all the work that is going on there. Personally, it is really marvelous. The people in most of the province don’t really realize all that is taking place except for a few of the boys leaving now & then.

I spent a very enjoyable evening at the royal Canadian Mounted Police Barracks with Allie Thompson who came from Kensington & with whom I used to chum around with a great deal. I was very fortunate when entraining for Aldershot the next morning, to discover one of the young officers going up with me was Art Dyer, a young fellow I used to go to Mt. Allison with. Small world after all. Surprises never cease. Capt. Dan Bell, head of the Signal Corps of P.E.I. & N.S. came up with us. Do you remember him? He sends his regards to you. Says he remembers you as a little girl that he spent numerous evenings at your place. Knows your Mother & Father well.

Well, we finally arrived & were planted into Barracks. There are 12 inhabitants in our room alone. All told, there are about 200 Officers in the Compound & about 3000 troops. We have found all the Officers very nice so have no complaints. In the next letter I write you I will take upon myself to describe the camp to you.

Last night I thought I’d go nuts if I didn’t do something so I travelled into Kentville, 2 1/2 miles distance, & joined forces with Dan Bairness, another Kensington boy who is in the bank here. There was a big ??beeing held just outside of here so away we went. It was being sponsored by the I.O.D.E. in aid of war service, therefore all the better class were there. They actually do have some nice looking girls over here & can they dance? I had a marvelous time & enjoyed every minute of it.

The same old story. Just as soon as I arrived back at barracks so my thoughts turned to the one & only. Quite often when I’m talking to somebody, if the conversation lags in the least bit my mind wanders to you & they have to repeat a question two or three times before getting a reply from me. Definitely Darling, I must have a picture of you at once. What I wouldn’t give to hold you in my arms again if even for a minute. Sweetheart, I’m going to hold that promise dear. I wonder how often you’ve broken it already?

Well Dear, time flies and I must get some work done. Our course starts Monday So until Sunday, I shall bid you fond fare-well, dreaming of you always.



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