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July 28, 1940 Church Service

Lt. A.D. Taylor

Office Training Dept

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

This is one heck of a hot day, not a cloud in the sky & the sun blazing down with not the least draft of a wind, & when it gets hot over here it gets hot, because Aldershot is built practically on sand. We had an open air Church service this morning about 1500 all told. They have arranged a picnic at one of the beaches for all the troops. There is about 1100 going & at the present moment I can see them massed together on one of the parade grounds just waiting to be picked up. The people in Kentville & vicinity for miles around bring the cars voluntarily & take the boys to the shore. The lads certainly deserve this, but when you look at it on the whole, how many places in Canada would the people do this?

Personally, I think the rank & file are shown the greatest courtesy by the people about here. They even on occasion allow their daughters to dance with men in uniform now, a thing three months ago unheard of around here, as the taint of the Non Permanent Camps had not been thrown off. As for the officers, they practically throw their daughters at them, a complete revision of what things were last time I was over here.

Friday night I went out with a bunch of the boys to Kingsport to a dance. I really can’t complain at the treatment I received as I wasn’t refused one dance that I asked for & there really were some stunning looking women there, from Acadia Summer School & from the numerous Summer resorts near there, but somehow or other I couldn’t get interested. I had four dances promised ahead & all of a sudden I find myself excusing myself from them & for the next half-hour I took a stroll on the beach by myself. What made it worse than ever was when the dance was over to see all the couples strolling out, arm in arm, laughing & talking. I could easily of had one but I had no ambition for same at all.

My girl, you have no possible idea how I miss you. My last letter may have seemed rather strong to you, but to me it was only a small partical of what I think. You mentioned that to relieve your feelings you wrote a very long, loving & to you a very satisfying letter. You know my address now, can I have it? Your picture Darling, has the rest of the room gaping. I don’t think you realize what a vision you really are. I warned the whole bunch that the first guy that tried to swipe that picture I’d turn him into pulp wood. I meant that too.

“So play your part, write me often, remember me always, & believe in my love for you.” Sweetheart! That’s the most beautiful saying I ever heard in my life. “I’m sending you a real kiss for that, one that you must remember & hold sacred until we meet again.” You said it. Until we are parted for awhile we don’t really realize what we have at home, one person here not realizing that he had the one thing that life is worth living for. The Love of a girl true blue.

Darling! Don’t get narrow-minded. Have a good time at any cost. Fool around with the men, play with them. Remember! The privilege I want is to be the only boy who may hold you tight & whisper in your ear that I think you are the most adorable creature in the world & that I love you. I shall endevour to have a picture for you the end of the week. If I had a thousand pictures of you I still couldn’t be satisfied.

I have nothing against Lloyd personally & I most certainly am not jealous, but the less you see of him the better I’ll like it. I’m serious now Dear. Before very long I hope that your canoe shall be beyond a gale & peacefully sailing in smooth water for all time.

Your letters are sweet & short. You can’t possibly make them too long for me. So Darling, I shall end with the prettiest ending ever put in a letter. Pleasant memories & happy dreams for us both.



P.S. How I wish you could come over.

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