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June 18, 1940 The Romance Blossoms

Kensington P.E.I.

Dear Annalea:

I was going to say this was going to be a quiet letter while no one was around, but since I wrote the heading I’ve been interrupted exactly seven times.

I started to write this letter with a very fixed purpose in mind, but since then (darn the people) I’ve changed my mind.

Nonetheless; by Thursday night I intend to know what’s what in Margate. All the Data or information I shall pass along to you that night so you can do the rest. I do know this much, that if there’s any possible opening you’ll get it. And anyway, what Trustee Could resist you if you were to apply? We could have his head examined if he did.

You know, personally I’d like to go over last night again in reality. I enjoyed to the full that quiet evening spent with you and your family at home. I didn’t realize just how much until after I got thinking it over. Much as I like dancing, especially with you, & as much as I like playing games etc., & let me tell you, if there’s a chance of a game of ball, tennis, golf, hockey etc you need an iron ball & chain to keep me away, I kind of feel that it doesn’t do a person a great deal of harm to forget all the hustle & bustle of this world & relax into Utopia.

Darling? What’s come over me? I never wrote a letter like this before. Are you going to always have an effect on me like this?

Nell Sweetheart, luck may bring you up to-morrow night & again it may not.

Nevertheless; no matter what happiness, until we meet again, which won’t be to soon, my thoughts are always with you.

Ever Thine,


P.S. Thursday seems like a year away.

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