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June 25, 1940 A Quick Hello

Kensington, P.E.I.

Dear Annilea:

I just couldn’t resist saying hello! It seems like a year since I saw you last instead of a couple of days. What the devil am I going to do without you when I go over to the other side? Well! Tomorrow tells the tale & Darling, no matter how you feel, wish me luck. You must have put an extra large smile on this morning, the sun actually distained to stay out for awhile. I was thinking of coming down to-night but decided that a good rest would do me the world of good for to-morrow. Don’t forget Dear, if its at all possible I’d love to see you here to-morrow night. If not! Thursday’s just around the corner.

My thoughts are with you always darling,



P.S. I hope I never have to use a pen like this again.

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