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June 26, 1942

Note to reader: return address is Lt. AD Taylor, North Nova Scotia Highs, 3rd Canadian Div (Inf), Canadian Army Overseas

June 26, 1942

Dear Annilea:

Well Sweetheart! Another day has passed & I still have received no word that you have as yet any of my letters, in fact darling, if mother hadn’t mentioned in her May 20th letter, I wouldn’t even have known that you had received my telegrams. To counter balance all this sweetheart I can’t begin to thank you for the pleasant surprise that I received when I discovered that parcel with a birthday present for me; and what a present it was. The bars etc were very acceptable to be sure, but the camera, darling, is a beaut & I’m sure that before very long I’ll be able to send you home some real snap shots of England.

On a little trip last night & looked out over the English Channel, which was as smooth as a milk pond as the moon was shining you could look miles out across it, towards the French Coast. Its awfully hard to believe that across that channel is a foe, ready at a moments notice to try & wrest this fair land from us & we, on the other hand, just chafing at the bit to get across & get a crack at them. The quicker we get over there & finish our job the sooner I’ll like it, for it means not only achieving a victory & peace for us all, but just that much quicker I’ll be able to cross that puddle of an ocean, & that’s all it will seem on the way home, & take you in my arms again.

There’s a little girl with beautiful blonde curly locks, between 4 & 5 years of age, who lives down at the corner about 200 yards, who stands at the gate most of the day, with a beautiful bright smile & waves to all the boys. Do you think I’ll have a little girl standing at the gate, waiting for me, with arms out stretched when I arrive home & saying “Is that my Daddy?” together with the most beautiful girl in the world standing behind her with a beautiful smile and answering: “Yes, Barbara! That’s your Daddy.” Coming from me, darling, this may sound very funny but looking at it from another angle it’s anything but funny. To have my two darlings in my arms at once is what I live for.

I’m afraid, my sweet, I won’t be able to get anything for my darling wife’s birthday at the present moment, due to circumstances, so if late just remember darling, that on that day, my thoughts will be with you continually.

Happy Birthday to My Adorable Wife & Love to my Daughter,


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