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June 9, 1940 The Borden Dance

Kensington, P.E.I

Dear Annilea:

Is that spelt right or not? No matter; I pronounce it about fifty times a day to myself & the more I pronounce it the more I like it. It stands for something beautiful, you know. Listen Darling! I’ve been thinking what you said about not knowing too many people in Summerside & that you would enjoy yourself more at the Borden Dance; therefore, I will be down Thursday night for same.

I also have something else under my hat. Tuesday night, the Kensington Young people are putting on their play in Cape Traverse & I may go down with them. I wonder if you’d care to go over with me? If I can possibly make it I will, & we’ll be there before 8:15. Otherwise, it will be Thursday.

Didn’t get out of Church until 10 minutes to 9 and had two chances for rides to Summerside but turned them down so I could drop you this note. I do hope you got your locket in ship shape condition & on time. I’d feel plenty hurt if you didn’t. I’d give a lot to have you here right now, but you’re likely out with some other boy really enjoying life. So be it.

Till I see you again my thoughts are always with you.



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