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Lecturing the padre on being thankful

Dec 13, 1942

Dear Annilea:

This morning my hand is the least bit shaky after arriving home from a few days scheme at 8 O’Clock & then being at a dance in the mess just as soon as I could get cleaned up. My morale seems to be high though, because this morning- although it is raining out, & this is sunday & no parades to-day- instead of lying in bed like the rest of the boys I got up for breakfast & when the padre came in & complained bitterly of what a mean day it was, I immediately took to telling him what a wonderful day it really is & all the marvelous things we have to be thankful for (you & Barbara are top of my list).

You know, it isn’t until a person sits down & begins to think that he realizes how lucky he is to be alive. Take me for instance! I am still in England, comfortable quarters to live in, haven’t seen action yet, good food & above it all I have at home, across the sea, the most adorable & devoted wife that a man could possibly be blessed with. I even yet at times pinch myself to make sure that it’s not a dream because I often think that you’re just too good to be true & that you’ve just stepped out of some story book together with that wee daughter of ours. You can’t possibly realize just what you really mean to me Sweet, and how I go on from day to day building up wonderful dreams about us when this blasted war is over. How I cherish & worship the very ground you walk on is all very strange to me, but I do. The more I think of you, & the longer we’re apart, the more I love you if possible. So, it’s love to my beautiful darlings at home & may God bless & keep them safe,



Dec 24, 1942

New address: 3rd CDIRU, 9th Bde, N.N.S.H.C.A.P.

Dear Annilea:

“Twas the night before Christmas & all through the night, not a person was stirring, not even a mouse.”

And that, my sweet Darling, is exactly what is happening to me at the moment. I, incidentally, am back at the holding Unit on what is termed P.E. or in other words routine, to allow other Junior Officers the chance of going down to the field. How I hate it here, just like back home in Aldershot only twice as bad, only arrived Tuesday afternoon & tonight I am sitting in the Orderly Room as Orderly Officer & have to sleep here. The Night before Christmas, a big dance in the Mess, the only one they’ve ever had here & likely the only one the they’ll ever have & I of all the Officers have to be stuck on this job, can’t even stick my head out the door. On top of all that I’m due to be stuck here for 4 months at least. Ain’t that nice!

Do I sound bitter, sweetheart, because if I do I really don’t mean too. I have, after all, so much to be thankful for, You & Barbara, both safe & sound & well out of harms way & myself still in good health. I’m afraid I’m just a wee bit disappointed, putting it mildly, but I’ll get over it in a hurry.

Darling! I can’t begin to thank you, my sweet adorable wife, for the way she has remembered me at Christmas time & I only hope that the time will not be too far distant when I will be able to repay in some small way the things you have done for me. Last night I was so lonely I thought I’d just pass out & although I wanted to write I just couldn’t contain myself, so I took a short walk, went to a show & then to bed alone (show & walking also alone).

Tonight, perhaps its just as well that we’re apart because if you were here I’m afraid I’d maul you something desperately. I’d give anything to take you in my arms & smother you in kisses. How I miss that sweet smile of yours. My heart & very soul feel as if I were very close to you both tonight. Hold me in your thoughts My Darlings & pray that someday soon We three shall meet again.

All my love to my beloved ones,


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