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March 2, 1941

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Your last letter was sweet Darling except that you seemed a wee mite lonesome. Can it be that I could mean as much as all that to you? Sweetheart! Surely it can’t be as bad as you paint it for me & that you are not really enjoying life just because I’m not home. Love, although its hard to make one’s self believe that we won’t be to-gether very often again before I leave for “God knows where”, we must face those facts & live on those few precious hours that we will have to-gether. Are your chances absolutely zero, as far as getting over here before Easter is concerned? Every word I say is absolutely for you & you alone. I want you badly now darling, is it possible to have you? You don’t have to ask why I don’t come home, I can’t.

What a beautiful day it is over here, the sun shining & cloudless, but it gets so blamed cold at night. I sang a solo to-night in church. I hope my voice doesn’t crack. They are building an additional two rooms on to our mess, one to be used as a visitor room & the other for games. To-morrow night I am on a debating team. Hope I don’t take heart failure in the centre of it.

Darling! Are you really as innocent as your picture would have me believe. Nevertheless, it’s You I Love, not the pictures. Can you still give yourself up fully & absolutely to me?

Love & Faith,


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