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March 24, 1942 Income Tax*

Debert N.S.

March 24, 1942

Hello Love:

And how’s my baby to-day? Is she in any better mood then when I saw her last? Seems to me at that time she threatened to do away with me altogether. All your letters to me hinge on the fact that (my letters) were short. At least I wrote them isn’t that something! Don’t ever again say I don’t do anything for you after the way I worked hard for you when I was home.

The sun is shining & a little snow on the ground but I still seem to have that cold just the same. I at least thought when I was home you would be able to clear that away for me one way or another. Don’t you think when I am home next, if I ever get there, that you might be able to a little special effort into helping me clear it up?

Incidentally I’ll try to so a little better next time I am there as it really is mean to let a person down as much as you have been let down lately.

Yes! I got to Halifax OK. Got picked up by the cemetery by the chap that runs the 5&10 & got a drive straight in. By the time I had eaten & got to the rink it was about 2 O’Clock. We lost 9-5 but we had a good game & our band was in attendance. Boy, what a blizzard was raging when we left the rink. I went up with Bill Hopgood for Supper (Father, Mother & Aunt) stayed until 9 when Frank (don’t know his last name, Bank of Montreal manager here) called for us & we started back. We had one heck of a drive as the snow was quite deep, you likely had a lot more than we had as it was really snowing when I left you, but we got back without mishap. Spent all yesterday out on the range & went to bed early.

And now my darling, I am about to start on my income tax so I must ask you to excuse me. If at all possible I will be home Saturday, but don’t plan on it too much. You know the Army. Well Love, be very good. Your Loving Husband thinks of you Both continually.

Beautiful Love,


*1940 example here.

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