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March 25, 1941 Ottawa

Aldershot, N.S.


Just how to start this letter & just how to stop this letter I don’t exactly know how to do but she’s on the way at least. Sweetheart! I had a letter from Mother & Dad to-day regarding our mutual thoughts & they ran as follows: STOP (I am enclosing same.) From their letter you can see that they are quite satisfied with you but, knowing me of old, they are really thinking of both our lives when they suggest we wait awhile. Sweetheart! I’m going to put it up to you directly. How much do you really love me? I am willing & ready to marry you at Easter & as far as money is concerned down here, two can definitely live as cheap than one & I can actually save money as I’ll have something to look forward to save it for, a life investment. I have looked at it from every angle & I know I can make good. Darling! They both speak of a job after the war & they both speak wistfully of it being over very soon. They are both led by a blind faith as are 90% of the people in Canada that the war just can’t go on. Aren’t the people in Canada ever going to wake up to the fact that the war has really only just begun, that they don’t even know the sting of it & that if Germany could hold out for 4 years last time, she is fully equipped to hold out three times as long this time & that after it is over, it will be years before we can disarm our own troops.

Life doesn’t come in pink roses Darling, we have to work & work hard to make it worth while. You would be taking a chance if you married me job or not. You have a nice job in Ottawa. It is a beautiful city & you have absolutely no worries. On top of all this you stated that you are not ready to be married. Spring is coming on & as you can see new things, meet new people & begin to have a general good time I shall gradually fade into the the background as a past remembrance of good times. And so all I have given you here is against your marrying me, Dad & Mother’s letter making it a lot easier for you to say NO.

Now just you listen to me, young lady. Mother & Dad’s letters are based on an unlived position. All they want is our happiness. They will consent to anything that we agree on. My own love for you is absolutely unfounded. You are in my thoughts continuously, in fact, ever since you left for Ottawa I can think of nothing else. I want you Annilea & I want you badly. Our love is our own, our life is our own to do as we like with. If your love is really as strong as it has been in the past & can remain as such, you and I can go through anything. With your love never faltering, I can never fail, & you & I can make life the thing it should be for both of us. Children we may have, but they are the thing that go to make a happy home, the thing that goes to bind man & woman to greater love, to build for the future, our own & theirs.

So my Darling think well what you’re giving up before you say NO. Remember, Your Father & Mother & mine also had to start sometime & so do we, why wait! Every day that we’re not together is a day that both of us are losing, something that we can’t regain as ‘time waits for no man’, & our youth won’t last forever. So Sweet, don’t say No, say Yes, your life and mine. Remember: ‘What power drew us to-gether on a dance floor?’ Can it be any less now? Write your Mother & ask her advice now!

My life & Yours is fully within your hands. What sorrow or joy life can bring us both is yours to say.

All my Love,


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