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March 30, 1941 Regret!

Aldershot N.S.


Your letter of yesterday nearly broke my heart & I haven’t fully recovered yet from the shock. What could I have possibly said that would lead you to believe that I wasn’t sincere in everything I said. Regret! You used that word about four times in a manner as much as to say that I regretted ever having written the first letter to you. You are now engaged to me, isn’t that enough to put all your foolish thoughts & Ideas of regrets to the wind? Do you possibly think I’d become engaged to a girl just for the fun of it, if I wasn’t really in Love with her.

Quit kidding ourselves Darling. I’m in Love with You, madly in Love with You, & insanely jealous of any man even looking at you, let alone kissing you. If I was to come along & find you in somebody else’s arms I’d hate to say what might happen. I can’t stand it any longer away from you & therefore I want you to marry me now!

Have you told your Mother that you are engaged to me yet? That’s not to be a secret, but something that the world must know. Question: Where do you want to be married. Ottawa, Montreal, your place or mine? Ottawa or Montreal are kind of foreign to both of us therefore, don’t you think home would be best? If we go to your home it will make connections awfully hard; the roads being terrible at this time of year, but, we can get married only once & therefore Darling if you wish to be married amongst all your own friends, I’m solidly behind you. That day is yours Darling & everything shall be as you wish it & on the other hand we can go up to our place. My home will always be open to you there if I ever go overseas, this year or in the years to come.

My Mother likes you & Nora also & when Nora likes anybody they must have something. Her judgement is usually pretty sound. About your job! Can you leave it at a moments notice? Can you get it back later on? Do you need a substitute to take over when you leave? I know Nora would jump at the chance if it were open. There isn’t much else to say only that as soon as you receive this letter I want your answer. I expect to get Easter leave from April 10th to 15th & therefore immediately upon receiving your answer in writing, I could send you a telegram & you could leave for home & be there for a few days before I came home. There is a complete lay out for you Sweet, but make sure you want it before you say that magic word “Yes”.

I love you & always will , but I want you to be sure, so that no matter what may happen in the future you will never regret anything that you are doing now. If your Love is anywhere near mine, you will never regret it no matter if we had to sleep out under the stars. I have a good job right now & can look after you as long as the war lasts. When it ends we fend for ourselves. If you can trust me now, you can trust me then. And so, Darling, my Love goes on & on for you.

Your Adoring & Obedient Servant,


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