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March 31, 1941 Walking in a daze

Aldershot, N.S.


To you, a telegram & then yesterdays letter may seem mighty strange, to say the least, but here is the whole story.

I received a letter from Mother & Nora to say nothing of yourself & somehow or other things didn’t exactly add up, so after walking around in a daze most of the day I got Gordon Logan (he’s going to act as best man) & Ray Cunning ham (our other side kick, you remember the rallies) and put everything before them. After a lot of persuasion, they succeeded in making me send that telegram & the reason was this: Both our mothers & fathers would think it kind of funny, if after being home just a couple of weeks ago & not even mentioning getting engaged let alone getting married, we were to do it up in a hurry, just as if, & you & I know how people in small places talk, we were forced into it.

When you stop to figure the whole thing out, this certainly does give them lots of room to think that, & I certainly have no intentions of besmirching your fair name let alone giving both of us a bad name to start off with. Another, & this is a point that mother dwells on, you will want a church wedding with your friends & if we were to race this thing through you could not have a proper wedding at all.

My way would be to go to a minister & get married but after all we have got our parents to think about & they do mean a lot to us both, and the fact of a little time between our engagement & marriage + the fact they can formally announce this fact in the paper should satisfy all concerned.

What is all this leading up too?

I am getting a few days leave at Easter. If I get to Ottawa, it will cost a mnit of money, so instead I’m going home & talk this over there. I’m setting the first of May as the date so anything you do in the future will be based on these plans. Come home when & as you please, so as to have lots of time to get ready to take that big jump across the pond of life. Sweet! I hate putting it off till then but you can see for yourself we’re tied hand & foot. How I’ll be able to exist until then I don’t know. I can’t sleep now, what will I do by the time a month is up?

My Love grows more & more every day & I do Love you So. Believe in our Love Always Darling,


P.S. Let your Aunt read this & get her opinion. Arnold.

If you need any money I’m the one to rely on. How much do you need? Love, Arnold

P.S. Mailed by Wednesday night so Thursday air mail should reach you by Saturday,



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