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March 4, 1941 Ottawa letter

(note to reader: Polly was Annilea's nickname to friends)

Tuesday evening, 7:30,

Dear Arnold,

Snowing again. Isn’t it the worst winter you ever remember. We planned to go to the rink tonight and hustled through the dishes in quick time, but have just heard the hockey match is off. So now the poor dear (me) is wearing a face as long as a mule, because I don’t like the idea of spending an evening at home. This is the best way to drown my sorrows, you always could put me in a very good humor, somehow.

Gladys is still away, this is her second week, and Audrey (a pupil of mine) and I are still keeping house. We have great fun, but I can’t say that dish water is very beautifying to the hands. But better people than I have washed dishes, I quite realize. We haven’t broken a dish for six days. Isn’t that a record. Today I got a jigger from Ottawa inquiring if I am still available for Civil Service. I haven’t decided whether to go or not, last fall I’d have jumped at the chance but now I have fonder thoughts of the place, even if I know the women are a bunch of meddling old cats. You should hear what they are saying about Lois and me now. It’s blood curdling! What would you do about the Ottawa business if you were I? I’ll have to decide immediately about this but tell me anyway, eh? Of course I probably won’t get a call for ages anyway, but what shall I do if, when?

Can it really be true that your days on this side are numbered? I’ve feared as much for some time, but will never think about it until it is necessary.

Lorna has just arrived, she was up last nite and we played poker. Some fun with high stakes. It isn’t exactly a lady like game, but rather funny.

Your last letter was awfully sweet, you say some of the prettiest things sometimes. What is that name you get when here. I’ve been wracking my brain over that all winter. If I remember correctly it isn’t exactly flattering.

The Victoria boys want to take on Kensington for hockey some night. They won’t have a show with you out, will they? By the way, did you make hockey in Aldershot, you mentioned you wanted to. The family is collecting, and it is nearly mail time, so excuse cut off. Maybe I can persuade Lorna to finish for me. Lorna has had her say, I promised not to look.

Where did you get the notion I wasn’t interested in what you do? My dear, you know your absolutely my only real interest in life, at present, for some time and always. Love is a funny thing. Can it really be love.

Always and Forever,


P.S. Don’t fail me on that regular letter, my dear. Did you ask me if I still loved you? Of course I do, always. Love and more love, Polly

(note to reader: this was written on the back of the 2nd page.)

Hi Arnold,

Polly said for me not to say anything mushy in my letters so I’ll have to be careful what I say.

How’s everything? I came up here tonite with the intentions of going to a hockey match with Polly & the kids and just because of a little snow, Tryon wouldn’t come down; oh well I guess we can put in the evening some other way. I was just looking at the fur coat you had on the morning we went back to Breadalbane, my gosh it was long for you, wasn’t it? (ha, ha). We have one h- of a lot of snow over here now, it doesn’t look as if we’ll ever have the cars going again. Well, I think my space is pretty near done for writing so I’ll say

So-Long for now,


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