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March 5, 1941 The Pipeline

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

I was a wee mite put out about not receiving a few lines from you to-day, but after thinking it over I suppose I shouldn’t expect too much from you.

Gosh! I can hardly see. Just came in out of the sun & with the glare of it in the new fallen snow it makes it awfully hard on the eyes. Our long pipeline is well started but if they really expect to have it finished by the first of May they’ve got another think coming, so we won’t see the finish. To show how deep it is in places, four men were pitching clay from the one spot, that is, one on top of the other. A few more days & the boys are going to become so restless that they’re going to be hard to control. All have been here at least 7 months, some a lot longer & training certainly does get on your nerves.

Have you decided when we’re going to to meet again Darling, after all you are the main cog, with me practically ties, hand & foot. Sweetheart! What are your real thoughts on me? Am I going to be so large a burden that it will be impossible to wait or have you ever thought the matter out at all? I’ve thought of it so many times myself that I’m beginning to think it all a nightmare. Darling I love you so, can’t we skip march, Easter & let us be together? Love, love! Is that all you want?

Till to-morrow,


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