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March 6, 1941 Sail With Me

Aldershot, N.S.

Dear Annilea:

Camp Patrol Officer to-night which means up most of the night & sleeping out to-morrow night in the woods with the whole Company. Starting Monday, so it is Rumored, the whole camp, outside of recruits, forget training & goes on the ditch digging program; in other words, the pipe line. Also rumored, & this one the total worst luck, we go out on another of those 48 km hikes (Officers only) next week. The guy that has nothing to do but sit back in a soft plush chair of course is responsible, never having to go out himself, he doesn’t realize exactly what we have to go through. We’d love to have him out in just one scheme. That should be enough!

Darling! If your ardent & devoted admirer were to somehow arrange a weekend out of the army, do you think it possible that you could come up with me Saturday night, and have me drive you home Sunday sometime? Don’t do anything against your parents morals & principals, but I’d love to have you, or would I? Answer this letter Sunday with your answer YES & mail immediately.

Things are beginning to move very rapidly over on the other side so all opportunities are to be made the most of. Don’t put the answer off. Answer now. I Love you Darling, & I feel by the tone of your letter you’re not far behind in that respect.

Ocean of Love Darling,


P.S. Give in & sail with me

O’er any Ocean Darling,

No matter where it may lead

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