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May 30, 1942 Beautiful & Contented Love

Dear Annilea:

As I sit writing this, the strains of a Dance Band come streaming in through the window (Duty Officer must remain in Adjt Office from supper to breakfast to answer any telephone calls) & it can’t help but bring back memories of our first meeting & what it led too. I still live that memorable night that you gave me all the thrills & spills of a life time, how you came dashing madly up in the car with Ernest & he got out slamming the door & marching into the house, how you took me by the hand down to the old mill pond & into the depths of despair when you refused to go to the dance with me because Ernest was mad & you figured that I might take you out a couple of nights & then drop you, where as Ernest had a car of his own, was handy & would take you where you wished to go at anytime. How I gave in. Depth of despair at the dance. Jennie & I talking it over in the car & her advice, “God Bless Her,” that it was up to you. That next dance with you when I put it up to you squarely, a fair time every night or a swell time once a week. Your invitation to come down the fall Monday (I have often wondered what your thoughts were over the weekend if any). Meeting your parents, dance in Kensington, Summerside. Kentville, that Telegram, when you left for Ottawa, Oh how low I felt, then engaged, married!! Need I go on? Need I even start to express my love, my yearning love to the most devoted & lovely wife in the world,

Beautiful & contented Love,


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